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Lip Moisturizer

400 available**
Read & Review one (1) book*

Belle's Library

300 available**
Read & Review two (2) books*

Blu-ray Combo Pack***

300 available**
Read & Review three (3) books*
*Select books to read from reading list below and write reviews of 30 words or more on DOGObooks.
**prizes awarded on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
*** Beauty and the Beast: 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray Combo Pack
Reading List (45)
  • ajg16
    ajg16over 6 years
    I havnt been on in a little bit so when I saw the update I thought my kindle was going crazy lol, but I really like the new look its looks very nice ^-^
    • zerolilpup1
      zerolilpup1over 6 years
      Editor do you have to approve the reviews because I just did one
    • zerolilpup1
      zerolilpup1over 6 years
      Editor which one of my review is the eligible?
    • zerolilpup1
      zerolilpup1over 6 years
      Thank you
      • zerolilpup1
        zerolilpup1over 6 years
        Editor do I have to read only the books above the comment list or can I do a review on any book?
        • editor
          editorover 6 years
          Hi - To win the prizes you have to the one on the list - also you need to make sure you are signed into the summer reading program so they can be counted by the system - so far only one of the many you have done is eligible
        • swirlycool
          swirlycoolover 6 years
          Hi editor, I sent you my new parental consent form. idk if I will recieve the last prize (the beauty and the beast movie) idk what to do
          • editor
            editorover 6 years
            i got your consent form - but the dvd was sent to your old address - it will proabably be forwarded to you
          • georgiasilver
            georgiasilverover 6 years
            Hello editor! I have been waiting for three weeks and nothing has arrived. I have completed the ten book reviews a while ago. When will the prizes arrive? Also, when I wrote 7 more book reviews earlier, they were deleted later on. Other comments and emails were never responded to on my laptop. What is going on?
            • zerolilpup1
              zerolilpup1over 6 years
              Editor, Does doing a review on the book mean you read the book ? Do you have to approve the reviews because I wrote 3 reviews already and it says to wait.
              • zerolilpup1
                zerolilpup1over 6 years
                How do i get prizes
                • hermioneslaying
                  hermioneslayingover 6 years
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