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Weird But True Christmas: 300 Festive Facts to Light Up the Holidays

Weird But True Christmas: 300 Festive Facts to Light Up the Holidays

By National Geographic Kids
13 ratings27 reviews
  • julia13
    julia1355 stars
    this book Is highly interesting and the facts are WEIRD! I loved it! It will really give you nice information about Christmas!
Fantastic Mr Fox (The Best of Roald Dahl)

Fantastic Mr Fox (The Best of Roald Dahl)

48 ratings44 reviews
  • matif
    A fox lives with his wife and four children on top of a hill. They live close to three farmers. The fox takes one animal, from each farm per night. The three farmers want to kill him, but instead they get his tail. That’s when they want to dig his house out. Does the fox get caught or does he do ...


By R. J. Palacio
1461 ratings3387 reviews
  • felicisowl
    felicisowl55 stars
    Wonder was a book I first read 2 years ago, and over the years, I just couldn't stop re-reading it. The kids at my school call this book "childish", "horrible," and "weird just like the kid in the book." I think just the opposite. August is a normal kid on the inside, but not on the outside. ...
Save Me a Seat

Save Me a Seat

By Sarah Weeks, Gita Varadarajan
15 ratings28 reviews
  • Vicky Miller
    Ravi had just moved into a new school called "Albert Einstein Elementary". He makes me feel like I did when I had my first day of middle school, excited. Sense the school is called "Albert Einstein Elementary", he was expecting everyone there to be smart, and intelligent, like he was at his old s...


By Raina Telgemeier
1365 ratings3095 reviews
  • awesomeisme
    awesomeisme55 stars
    We have this book in the library, I've read it 5 times and I'm still not bored of it! I'm going to ask for it on my birthday. Here is a review for those who haven't read it: Raina is getting braces and is not looking forward to it. So at girls scout camp she asks her friends that have braces wha...
Flashback (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Flashback (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

By Shannon Messenger
6 ratings11 reviews
  • esquay
    esquay55 stars
    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, Sophie's boyfriend should be Keefe. I mean Fitz? Seriously? She's got bad taste in guys.
Dork Diaries 7: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star

Dork Diaries 7: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star

By Rachel Renée Russell
105 ratings156 reviews
  • yalena
    Her band is recording their hit song, "Dorks Rule," and the producer decides to give Nikki her own reality TV show! Between filming the show, band practice, voice lessons, dance rehearsals, studying, and homework, Nikki is barely able to squeeze in time with her crush, Brandon. But when he asks f...
Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind

By Sharon M. Draper
305 ratings402 reviews
  • emarie
    emarie55 stars
    I know that a majority of us think it's hard getting off of your couch to move and clean your room. I totally understand, I've been there. After I read this book, I realized what would happen if I couldn't move at all? Yes, you wouldn't have to clean your room. Yes, you wouldn't have to take the ...


By Raina Telgemeier
198 ratings345 reviews
  • jenny12345678
    I love this book! I had recently read this and it was really good. Catrina and her family move to the coast of Northern California due to her little sister, Maya. Maya has Cystic Fibrosis. It affects breathing and digestion. Cat thinks that they're moving mainly for Maya since she won't be having...
The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 13)

The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 13)

By Jeff Kinney
29 ratings98 reviews
  • max433
    max43355 stars
    This is a great book of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. So a lot of people read this book because everybody likes Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Meltdown. You want to know why people like the book? It's because it's fun and cool, I'm reading it while i'm writing so if you go to a book fair it only cost like, fif...

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