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By Neil Gaiman
31 ratings36 reviews
  • demosthenes
    demosthenes55 stars
    have i not reviewed this yet? guess not! ... well this is a very smartly plotted story about a young girl named Coraline who finds another world parallel to ours. it is amazing how Neil Gaiman created the other world and the game behind it. it can easily be considered spooky or creepy or scary bu...
Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lost Stars

Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lost Stars

By Claudia Gray
5 ratings1 reviews
  • gtaylor505
    gtaylor50533 stars
    Lost Stars is an interesting Star Wars book, but be warned: it is NOT for kids! Most of the book was fun, but some parts were inappropriate. Definitely consult your parents before reading this book, since some of the material is pretty adult.
The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey

The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey

By Chris Colfer
27 ratings41 reviews
  • bean_boy
    bean_boy55 stars
    Chris Colfer's 5th addition in his magical series is my favorite one yet. Filled with laughs and thrills it will keep you reading past your bedtime. I personally love The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey because it provides a glimpse into a kids (Connor) imagination and I think others will to...
Fugitives: Escape from Furnace 4

Fugitives: Escape from Furnace 4

By Alexander Gordon Smith
4 ratings2 reviews
  • edmodo-hsvdjbx2jx
    I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't believe Alex and his "friends" had done what they always wished for. More problems occurred in this book, and it just got more exciting for every word I read.


By Laurence Yep
4 ratings7 reviews
  • manda
    manda55 stars
    Dragonwings is a book about a young boy, Moon Shadow, who goes to America, leaving his mother and grandmother in China, to work with his father, Windrider. In this book, Moon Shadow helps his father realize and pursue his goal to make a flying machine, Dragonwings. In this book Lawrence Yep has d...
Redwall (Redwall, Book 1)

Redwall (Redwall, Book 1)

By Brian Jacques
6 ratings8 reviews
  • me2cool4you
    me2cool4you55 stars
    This book is the greatest book I've read in a long time. Very suspenseful. I couldn't stop reading it. I was up in the wee hours of the night trying to finish this marvel of a book. Jacques describes the life of mice in an abandoned Abbey (Catholic church) and the ways of life for them, they have...


By Barbara O'Connor
39 ratings78 reviews
  • swirlycool
    swirlycool55 stars
    ''With a little luck, you can get what you wish for''- This book is, hands down, literally the BEST book I have ever read. I knew immediately from the cover of the book this would be a good book. Wish is about a girl named Charlie who has 2 parents that argue and fight all the time. She already k...
Unsinkable (Titanic, No. 1)

Unsinkable (Titanic, No. 1)

By Gordon Korman
9 ratings11 reviews
  • happypug12
    happypug1222 stars
    Unsinkable was NOT a good start to the Titanic series. It's very, very bland and slow. The plot moves like molasses. I was pretty disappointed, as I had read Gordon Korman's Chasing the Falconers series, and I loved it, so I expected this book to be just as good. The characters don't have anythin...
Dork Diaries 13: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Birthday

Dork Diaries 13: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Birthday

By Rachel Renée Russell
14 ratings49 reviews
  • I<3DorkDiaries
    I personally haven't read the book yet, but I'm pretty excited for it. I just can't get to know what happens when I go online for a big summary. All I get is, "It's Nikki Maxwell's birthday! Will it be a blast or a bust?" So I'm really upset that I can't get a full summary! But I am ESPECIALLY EX...


By R. J. Palacio
1440 ratings3319 reviews
  • felicisowl
    felicisowl55 stars
    Wonder was a book I first read 2 years ago, and over the years, I just couldn't stop re-reading it. The kids at my school call this book "childish", "horrible," and "weird just like the kid in the book." I think just the opposite. August is a normal kid on the inside, but not on the outside. ...

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