Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends)

Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends)

By Tui T. Sutherland

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Three dragons. One unavoidable, unpredictable destiny. This is the beginning... of the end.

In the SeaWing kingdom, a young prince learns he is an animus -- capable of wonderful magic that comes with a terrible price.

In the mind of a NightWing dragonet, a thousand futures unfold -- and almost all of them, she knows, lead to disaster and destruction.

And under three full moons and the watchful eyes of his NightWing mother and IceWing father, the most powerful dragon Pyrhhia will ever know is clawing his way out of his egg. Darkstalker, the dragon who will change the world forever.

Long before the SandWing war, lifetimes before the Dragonet Prophecy... darkness is born.

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9781338053623
ISBN-10: 1338053620
Published on 11/28/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 400

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It is very interesting but has lots of graphic scenes that may not be suitable for younger kids. Highly recommend it, though!

i loved it sooo much all the books are fun i recemend this book a ton if you ever read it i hope you like it

PURE AWESOMENESS. I recommend finishing the second arc first before starting this book. The story was definitely darker than the others so I think the age range should be 10-14

It was a good story and I think it was a great back story for this villain, because of his unknown backstory.

@emobunny, youll enjoy this book

It's an awesome book with multiple points of view (Such as Fathom's, Darkstalker's and Clearsight's point of view in the book). It shows the events of Pyrrhia aprox. near the Scorching (an event where dragons become the dominant species). It shows Prince Arctic's Pov in the prologue.



Get ready to be wowed by Tui T. Sutherland's first installment in the "Legends" spin-off series! Told from the perspective of three different dragons- Clearsight the NightWing, Fathom the SeaWing, and Darkstalker himself, this beautifully crafted novel shows us what motivated Darkstalker to become the twisted dragon we know well as of the modern arcs. I absolutely adored every page of this book. It gave us rich insight to the history of Pyrrhia, from its normalization of animi to the fact that RainWings' powers were actually well-known, featured in the guide to the tribes, and feared by many. Despite Darkstalker's villainy, he was a character the reader could easily empathize with, and his backstory was fleshed-out, and, in the grand scheme of things, made sense. Clearsight was a lovely POV, although I'd like to get a bit more detail as to why her seer powers were so strong, and if it could happen again in the modern timeline. Fathom's character itself seemed a bit lacking, and it was rather reminiscent of Turtle- now we know why Darkstalker called him that when he summoned him in Talons of Power- but his chapters were filled with action, suspense, and emotion. His past trauma was something rarely explored in middle-grade books such as Wings of Fire, but it was executed wonderfully. The massacre scene was amazingly written, and gave me chills the first time I read it. The three protagonists worked wonderfully together, and Darkstalker's spiral into madness was gradual and extremely interesting to watch play out. I do wish Arctic's death was described in a bit more detail, although I have a hunch that if it was, this wouldn't be a middle-grade novel. Darkstalker's relationship with Whiteout was something I adored- Whiteout was one of my favorite characters, since neurodivergent characters are just so rare in Wings of Fire. She was nicely written and the detail about her scavenger doll was just adorable! Darkstalker's devotion to Foeslayer was also sweet- there is a SERIOUS lack of positive parent-child relationships in Wings of Fire. I liked how Indigo could see through Darkstalker from the start- it showed how Albatross made her far more vigilant. I never saw her plot twist coming! And, speaking of Albatross, he was a sinister character who, despite his early death, managed to be insanely well-written. The writing style of the book also seemed a lot more mature and serious than the main series, a change I personally enjoyed. If you're looking for a novel with dragons, morally gray main characters, and magic, Legends: Darkstalker should be your go-to (although I would recommend reading the main series, first!)

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