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Zeus the overconfident hamster and his “god squad” are back to battle for the title of champion in The Trials of Hairy-Clees! Get ready for a hilarious romp through Greek mythology in book three, and check out the Zeus the Mighty Activity Book for 100+ superfun puzzles, mazes, and more.

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  • bsc
    bsc7 days
    Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been as active here. I am really busy with school and volleyball. What's your favorite subject in school? Mine is language arts. Have a terrific day!
    • bsc
      bsc7 days
      Yayayayay! I just go an editor's pick on The Thing About Jellyfish. Terrific book and please check out the review! Have an amazing day!
      • faria
        faria8 days
        Hi guys 😁. What is your favourite book ? I am new member in the book club.
        • legomasters
          Welcome to the club :) I'm animedork and my favorite book is... hmmm probably The Miscoculations Of Lightning Girl
        • unipug2
          unipug28 days
          Sorry i haven't been active in a while! School, ya know?
          • dream_beyond
            @eagle_fan11 is back! Where have you been?
            • newsjunkie
              I sorta want to learn about Odysseus from Greek Mythology, any book recommendations?
              • lulo
                lulo9 days
                Hi members. I'm am new in this book club . Please keep me updated because I love books
              • its_audrey
                its_audrey10 days
                I hope you like my new avatar!
                • griffindor_girl
                  im not new here but i have not been on for a while
                  • hermione831
                    Hi guys! Kittyluvskookie, I really like your avatar. Anyone who wants a book to read, I would recommend he Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland. It’s really good. There is 14 books. I started the first in August, and now I’m almost done with 14. ❤️

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