Beneath the Waves: Celebrating the Ocean Through Pictures, Poems, and Stories

Beneath the Waves: Celebrating the Ocean Through Pictures, Poems, and Stories

By Stephanie Warren Drimmer

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Through stunning images and lyrical text, this beautiful collection celebrates the ocean and the amazing animal and plant life found in its waters, the role the ocean plays on Earth, and the importance of conservation.

Open this charming read-aloud book and you'll find amazing animal profiles, whimsical poetry, stunning photography, plus fascinating information about the wondrous creatures that call the ocean home. Starting with the seashore and journeying through the ocean's zones, readers will discover mangrove forests, coral reefs, and the deepest ocean depths. On this journey they will discover some of the extraordinary animals that live on shore and under the sea. Along the way, readers will enjoy poems, stories, fun facts, photo galleries, and more. Highlights include a foreword from explorer and renowned photojournalist Brian Skerry; an interview with National Geographic Explorer and marine conservationist Jess Cramp; a poem by former children's poet laureate J. Patrick Lewis; the work of Explorer-in-Residence and ocean ecologist Enric Sala; and an afterword by renowned ocean conservationist Sylvia Earle. This keepsake treasure is sure to wow readers while also serving as an important reminder to protect this precious and wonderful resource

Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN-13: 9781426339165
ISBN-10: 142633916X
Published on 3/16/2021
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 192

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