The Ultimate Book of Sharks

The Ultimate Book of Sharks

By Brian Skerry

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Dive into the wild world of sharks! Get up close to learn the truth behind these fantastic, ferocious fish with famed National Geographic photographer and explorer Brian Skerry.

Join this amazing underwater adventure to track the sharks of the world, from the teeniest dogfish to the everfeared great white. This ultimate book features every species of shark on the planet, with awesome photos, fascinating facts, the latest science, and firsthand stories of real-life encounters with these incredible creatures. Learn how sharks live, how they eat, the challenges they face, and whether or not you are actually on the menu!
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781426330711
ISBN-10: 1426330715
Published on 5/15/2018
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 192

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this book is about sharks, it teaches about all different types of harks, teaches what they eat, why they attack humans and moree. i would read this book if u hv aft of sharks. it help me to under stand them and why should nt be afraid

I never knew that there was so much to know about sharks!and when I read this book it amazed me!I think my favorite kind of sharks are, carpet sharks they are so cool!did you know that daddy sharks range from resembling a spotted bus to a bath mat!most of 42 species of carpet sharks love in warm ,tropical waters !🙂I also won this book from dogo in a giveaway and I love it so much!I am very thankful for giving away books #dogo .I recommend this book to all ages and I rate this book 5/5 stars 😁 😁 Pizzagirl7 😁 😁

This book is a great book but the words are kinda too small for me. But the sharks are coooool.

This is a really good book for ppl like me, who are very interested in sealife and beyond the reef stuff like that. I just got gack from a trip to Cape Cod Mass. and i was reading the book all the way through. Pleas like this review if you agree with me! Thank's!

i really love this book cause i love learning about sea life

The Ultimate Book of Sharks by Brian Skerry is an amazing book about sharks! I have learned so much about sharks and their natural habitats and why they are important! I think that this book is very informative and I really enjoyed it!

This National Geographic Kids book is really great. I love all the shark facts and the pictures are awesome. If you like sharks this is the best shark book there is.

Read about sharks. Learn the different kinds of sharks, and look at amazing pictures of them. This is a great book to read if you: a) Love sharks. b) Are interested in marine biology, or c) Love wow-ing your friends with random fun facts. I'm definitely a c).

I liked this book because it has mostly everything you ever need to know about sharks. I would recommend it for people who want to read about sharks.

I loved this book I learned a lot about the different sharks it tought me all different things about sharks how reasearcher get info and many other things overall this book was a blast to read.

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