Yes! No? Maybe So...: Amazing Answers to More Than 250 Mind-Blowing Questions

Yes! No? Maybe So...: Amazing Answers to More Than 250 Mind-Blowing Questions

By Julie Beer, Paige Towler

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Do robots have emotions? What would happen if you jumped into a black hole? Can plants … hear things? Find the answers to these and even more far-flung questions in this quirky, super-stuffed curiosity quencher.

Some questions have simple answers. And other questions? Well, it’s complicated. That’s where this book comes in. We’re tackling head-scratching—sometimes serious and sometimes totally wacky—questions whose answers aren’t so black and white. We’ll dig into the possibilities, analyze the what-ifs, and give plenty of science to back it up.

In these pages, explore the deepest depths of the ocean, the farthest edges of our universe, the ancient past, and dreams of the future. Find out what’s stopping us from digging a hole right through the center of planet Earth. (And what it would be like if we could!) Tackle the ins and outs of living in virtual reality, find out whether fish feel wet all the time, and get a sightseeing checklist for a vacation to the moon. You’ll also read interviews with experts wrestling big questions—like “What will the toys of tomorrow look like?” and “How do you find a dinosaur in the middle of the desert?”—and discover the truth behind myths busted. (No, your eyes won’t pop out if you keep them open while you sneeze.)

Featuring vibrant photographs, snackable fun facts, and in-depth, easy-to-understand answers to your most mind-blowing questions, this book is the perfect companion for curious dreamers of all ages.

Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN-13: 9781426375736
ISBN-10: 1426375735
Published on 7/9/2024
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 224

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