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This ultimate survival guide transports you back in time to the golden age of pirates, when fearsome captains like Barbarossa and Blackbeard made the rules. Find out if you have what it takes to sail through this ruthless world of cutthroats and renegades—if you dare!

In this handy guide, you’ll learn how to prepare for such pitfalls—or avoid them entirely! You’ll find a rogue’s gallery to help you recognize the most fearsome pirates; maps of key pirate hideaways; tips on how to talk like a pirate; what to do if you fall overboard; and much more. This book is the ultimate resource for daring adventurers who want to know what life was really like during the golden age of piracy!

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This week’s quote: “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” ~ Winston Churchill. 😉

Oh wow.......... That is such and amazing quote! I like quotes like that. I wish to be like that someday. I am considering becoming a police officer, but I have not looked into it yet. I think it will be a long time coming, as I am 14.

I luv quotes too! Something my mom suggested for me to do was to create a running list of quotes that speak to you. It is really fun to collect and really helps me get through some tough days. Anyway it’s cool that you already know what you want to be! Btw I’m 14 too!

And, it is good you have a list of quotes that can help you through being a teenager. (I struggle daily) Becoming a teenager it is kinda cool, but at the same time, I don't know..... I seem to get in trouble a lot more than I used to, LOL.

I agree, being a teen in 2024 definitely takes strength and moxie! 😂

Oh cool! I like talking to people my age, as they understand me better! Also, about becoming a police officer, I really don't know yet, Because my true dream job, is being a mechanic. (my parents do not want me to as it is pretty low paying) But that is my true dream job, as I am very passionate about working on cars.

Always listen to your parent's advice, I’ve learned that my parents are very wise! Also being passionate about something is really important for life

Hey y'all, it's been a long while! Hope everyone's doing awesome!! Here's an ice breaker, though i think the ice is already broken and has been for a while: Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping, or should it be banned forever? My answer: If you like it go ahead and have my slice; I will never ever ever be putting it in my mouth....ever. Can't wait to hear y'alls thoughts!!

To be honest, I don’t like pineapple on pizza. Mainly cuz I don’t even like pineapples in the first place lol

I love pineapple on pizza! Hawaiian is definitely one of my favorite types of pizza.

I love Hawaiian pizza! Usually I eat three to four slices! 🍕

I agree... I just don't like pineapples in general.

I like pineapples on pizza, they’re delicious.

I didn't realize quite a few people liked it!

Oh my gosh!!! It has been a while, WELCOME BACK!!!!! To answer your ice breaker, I think pineapples are AMAZING on pizza! Hawaiian is actually my fav type of pizza!

I don't like pineapple by itself though.....

Whaa, I lovee pineapple by itself!! Once, i ate too much and my lips started bleeding

I mean, I like it occasionally, but I don't usually have a need or a want for it.

Same it kind of leaves a weird taste in my mouth after I drink water! Weird but it’s true! 😂

I agree! Hawaiian is amazing! I honestly think it is the best type of pizza.

Haha! Thanks! Same to you! ✋ Hawaiian is just so good, I don't see how anyone could not like it! Also, do you like olives?

I also like Olive pizza too, as well as Greek pizza.

Hi! Have any of you here participated in piano contests before? I have participated in several small ones but never in a big one. Can any of you tell me what it is like at a big piano contest?

I've done recitals but never actual contests. That sounds really neat!

Just a reminder, if you follow me, I will follow you too!😊

Hi guys! How are you guys? Sorry I have not talked with you guys for a while. By the way, you guys may have known me as Ljun1 last year. I missed you guys!

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