Summer Reading 2013 has ended!

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  • captainawesome
    captainawesomeover 10 years
    go for the comedy, its always classic funny
    • desdestiny
      desdestinyover 10 years
      you can read to achieve
      • cutie2
        cutie2over 10 years
        I love the books that Judy Blume make!!!They are hilarious!!!
        • italyana
          italyanaover 10 years
          I love most of these books!
          • jd319
            jd319over 10 years
            editor so.... next summer it will start up again?
            • sausage
              sausageover 10 years
              man, some of these books are just awesome.
              • sweetpicks
                sweetpicksover 10 years
                don't worry the books will come eventually. just wait and be patient.
                • books247
                  books247over 10 years
                  Hi Editor, I was just wondering when I will get my 3rd prize the book is called Storybound By Marissa Burt. Since it's so late after the program ended will I still get the book? Thanks:)
                • ian21tang
                  ian21tangover 10 years
                  i didnt get my book yet!!!:( i waited for a long time
                  • editor
                    editorover 10 years
                    in order to get your book you need to get your parent's to send in a consent form - Hurry if you want it because the final books are about to be sent out
                    • ian21tang
                      ian21tangover 10 years
                      um... i waited like for at least 2 months. i cant wait to get my book!!!
                      • editor
                        editorover 10 years
                        Hi ian - we are still waiting for your parental consent form - We can only request your book from the publisher after we get that and as i mentioned earlier at some point it may be too late
                  • sparkling5
                    sparkling5over 10 years
                    the prizes were still there and it let me select a book because the books were pending on like september 12th. The pending books were approved so it let me choose a book tody and i picked I Funny. will i be getting the book even though i chose the book today (september 15th)?

                  Summer Reading 2013 has ended!

                  May 14 - September 14, 2013
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