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* max of 20 books per entry


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  • 5680saf
    5680safabout 8 years
    Editor, it has been 8+ weeks and I haven't received most of my books! Is there a way you can find out when they are coming?
    • editor
      editorabout 8 years
      Due to the summer break the prize fulfillment has been a little slower - let me know which ones you are still looking for and I will try track them - thanks for your patience
    • jeffdaboss
      jeffdabossabout 8 years
      That's great! I'm so joining!!!
      • olliebob
        olliebobabout 8 years
        The books that they send, are new, like, haven't hit the stores yet, new.
      • olliebob
        olliebobabout 8 years
        It's where dogobooks sends you books, and you have to give a in depth honest review. Your parents have to sign a consent form for you to be able to join.
        • jeffdaboss
          jeffdabossabout 8 years
          What is this advanced review program, and how can I join?
          • felicisowl
            felicisowlabout 8 years
            Hi jeffdaboss, you can look at olliebob's comment above you or go to page 2 in the comment section of Summer Reading, you can find a whole lot of information there :D
          • olliebob
            olliebobabout 8 years
            Is the Advanced Review Program free?
          • olliebob
            olliebobabout 8 years
            Like, I don't think that comic books should count.
            • yuka
              yukaabout 8 years
              the summer reading program is awsome. but i think they should add more books
            • olliebob
              olliebobover 8 years
              The summer reading program is really fun, but I think that next year you should have a wider selection of books on the reading list. There are some books however, that I think should be taken off.
              • turtlenicole
                turtlenicoleover 8 years
                felicisowl - I joind the advanced review program and it's great! Thanks for posting your comment about it! However, I do have a question- Do you have to write a review for every book that the editor emails you too or can you choose not to?
                • felicisowl
                  felicisowlover 8 years
                  Hello! I'm thrilled that you joined! The Editor sends out an email to all the members of the DOGONews Advanced Reviewing program when she gets a new book from a publisher. She gives a link to the DOGOBooks page of that book. I recommend searching that book up, researching a little bit before you decide that you want to read, keep, and review the book. Yes, if you accept the book, you have to write a review within a time period (2 weeks usually, but it depends on the length of the book.) If anyone has any other questions about this program please email the editor at or ask any questions via this page and someone will usually answer.

              Summer Reading 2015 has ended!

              May 14 - September 30, 2015
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