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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

By Alvin Schwartz
8 ratings18 reviews
  • 20tkane
    20tkane55 stars
    This book is sooooo creepy! It's a great book for a sleepover party. It has such descriptive language that it would easily give you nightmares! It also has ideas to make up fun and creepy games! There are lots of different stories of murder's, animals, and VERY creepy people! ;)
Goosebumps Hall of Horrors #1: Claws!

Goosebumps Hall of Horrors #1: Claws!

By R.L. Stine
17 ratings27 reviews
  • dogogirl10
    This book is so good I borrowed it from my friend About the Book- SPOILER ALERT! A boy named Mickey is asked to take care of a black cat named Bella. One day, Bella runs out of the house and is hit by a truck. Mickey and Amanda feel really bad but when they look on the street, Bella is GONE! T...
Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins

By Scott O'Dell
107 ratings168 reviews
  • Shirley4th
    The book was about a girl named Karana. She lived on the island by herself for 18 years. Aleuts came to the island and killed most of their men. The Aleuts really came to hunt otter, but became aggresive. Their chief was killed so they elected another one. He got into a canoe and went to the main...
The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

By Mary Downing Hahn
45 ratings48 reviews
  • savannah1234
    savannah123455 stars
    This book is the best book I havve ever read! If you like Ghost stories you should totally read this book! It is about a girl named Flourence who is an Orphan who moves to live with her Uncle and Aunt because her mom and Dad died when a boat sunk. Her aunt is extremly mean to her. And her Uncle i...


By Gregory Mone
3 ratings3 reviews
  • marooner
    marooner55 stars
    Fish- the story of a boy with little use around the house finds work in a big city. When an errand goes wrong, twelve-year-old Maurice, (nicknamed Fish for his love of swimming) finds himself in the service of a treasure hunting ship! An action-packed adventure with rumors of mutiny, and a clever...
The Celestial Globe: The Kronos Chronicles: Book II (Kronos Chronicles Trilogy)

The Celestial Globe: The Kronos Chronicles: Book II (Kronos Chronicles Trilogy)

By Marie Rutkoski
2 ratings1 reviews
  • lolo2006
    lolo200655 stars
    The book is amazing, engaging and fast. Petra is an awesome character who will do anything for her family/friends. Not gonna say more, read it.
The Quest for Paradise

The Quest for Paradise

By Geronimo Stilton
14 ratings17 reviews
  • aquartius
    aquartius44 stars
    It was a very engaging adventure and fantasy story. The main plot of the story is deeply interesting though there are many teensy tiny problems along the way. Even though it is just a story that you might read , you should be ready at all times to find yourself in an a new world of book imagination.
Warriors #2: Fire and Ice

Warriors #2: Fire and Ice

By Erin Hunter
47 ratings97 reviews
  • nova2000
    nova200044 stars
    Fire heart and gray strip must go to wind clan and bring them back but the death of wight claw has sutured up trouble between the clans ending in disaster such as the fall of the young apritice cinder paw. Gray strip has started seeing silver stream which is secorit till fire heart sees them tog...


By Brian Selznick
95 ratings143 reviews
  • lizard4
    lizard455 stars
    The teacher read this book to us a long time ago. So much discription! I love it. 5 stars! I love how 2 stories are combined and simalar to each other! I like these kinds of books because they tell the stories in pictures and in words very discriptivly. Ben goes looking for his father but his mot...
Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6

Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6

By Erin Hunter
32 ratings35 reviews
  • headream100
    headream10055 stars
    These books are my favorite books yet asides from Twilight. Erin Hunter was good at the descriptions, and I learned a lot from the series. I read all three box sets, and each one was better than the last! I hope Erin Hunter keeps on writing these wonderful books. I love cats and antiques more tha...

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