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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , Parts I & II

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , Parts I & II

By J.K. Rowling
107 ratings344 reviews
  • felicisowl
    felicisowl22 stars
    "Be honest to those you love, show your pain. To suffer is as human as to breathe.” Nineteen years after the defeat of the Dark Lord, the Wizarding World still isn't perfect. But Harry Potter's middle child, Albus Severus, has bigger problems - especially after the Sorting Hat places him in the p...
Shatter Me

Shatter Me

By Tahereh Mafi
5 ratings6 reviews
  • megank
    megank55 stars
    Shatter Me is one of the most interesting books I've read so far! Juliette is a girl that can kill people by touching them, for years, she's been inclosed in a closed room and hasn't talked to anyone since then. But when she meets Adam, she starts to believe that she can trust him and more import...
The Fill-In Boyfriend

The Fill-In Boyfriend

By Kasie West
2 ratings7 reviews
  • coocoo
    This book is so AMAZING I almost died because I kept laughing, gasping, yelling OMG!, and crying because it was over and leave on a cliff hanger. I really hope Kasie West does more books like this one. I love all her books. Just like The distance between us.
How to Draw Pokemon

How to Draw Pokemon

By Tracey West
16 ratings27 reviews
  • penguin313
    penguin31355 stars
    This book shows you how to draw johto and kanto pokemon as well as Ash and Ash and pikachu and tells a little info of the pokemon.
Among the Impostors

Among the Impostors

By Margaret Peterson Haddix
13 ratings9 reviews
  • fracol1617
    Have you ever imagined being an illegal third child? When you have to blend into a school so you wouldn’t be taken away by the government? Well this book “Among The Imposters,” by Margaret Peterson Haddix, The second book to the series “Among The Hidden shows just that. This book takes place in...


By Jerry Spinelli
89 ratings122 reviews
  • henrys21
    Stargirl is a book that are talking about a new girls in MAHS. Her nickname is Stargirl and her real name is Susan. she always singing Happy Birthday song to her classmate when her classmate's birthday and she will send the card when it is Valentine's Day. Stargirl always doing things that people...
The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, Book One)

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, Book One)

By James Dashner
204 ratings358 reviews
  • spicies
    "This is the last one" they said when they sent up the first girl to ever be in the maze. Will they make it out???? The book that I recently read is called The Maze Runner by James Dashner. It is the first book in a series and was published in 2009. The book is written for a young adult audien...
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)

By J. K. Rowling
893 ratings1307 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat55 stars
    INCORRECT. So far, there is only one three headed dog Hagrid named Fluffy which was guarding the trap door that led down to the series of enchantments protecting the Stone. The Elixir of Life from the Sorcerer's Stone was keeping Nicholas Flamel and his wife alive. When they destroyed the stone,...
The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle)

The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle)

By Maggie Stiefvater
1 ratings4 reviews
  • madelinelulu
    I love this book so much. I stayed up all night reading it. I cant believe nobody else has read this book. It's a paranormal book with physics, and ghosts, and it's also a romance action novel novel. It's better than the Hunger Games. It's about a girl who is told by every physic she goes to that...


By Ally Condie
117 ratings118 reviews
  • suzannafromkentucky
    Matched is about a sixteen year old girl named Cassia Reyes whose life is planned out with her having very minimal choices that she will make herself-such as who she will marry, where she will work, and when she will die. In the society that Cassia lives in, they find out who they will marry duri...

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