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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)

By J.K. Rowling
1136 ratings1718 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat55 stars
    INCORRECT. So far, there is only one three headed dog Hagrid named Fluffy which was guarding the trap door that led down to the series of enchantments protecting the Stone. The Elixir of Life from the Sorcerer's Stone was keeping Nicholas Flamel and his wife alive. When they destroyed the stone,...
Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

By Rachel Renée Russell
724 ratings1170 reviews
  • swirlycool
    swirlycool55 stars
    "I'm such a dork"- Nikki Maxwell really wants a phone (is that even a need, Nikki?) But instead, she receives a DIARY. If someone catches you writing in a diary, they think you're a dork. Nikki said she would NEVER use the diary her mother got her. Well, she used it anyway. Another char...
The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 13)

The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 13)

By Jeff Kinney
48 ratings156 reviews
  • Vincent .N
    Diary Of The Wimpy Kid The Meltdown is about a kid named Greg. Greg is a twelve year old kid in the seventh grade, and he has been having alot of snow days. Greg wants to have the opportunity to finish his video games. Greg’s mom wants him to go outside ,and not to spend all day playing video...
The War I Finally Won

The War I Finally Won

By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
2 ratings2 reviews
  • evaizabooknerd
    The War That Saved My Life was such a good book. Books about World War 2 are so interesting for me. I cannot wait for my library to get a copy!!!
The War that Saved My Life

The War that Saved My Life

By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
33 ratings36 reviews
  • artpanda
    artpanda55 stars
    The year is 1939 and Hitler is on the move. Ten-year-old Ada manages to slip out of her oppressive environs with her six-year-old brother Jamie to join other London children who are being evacuated to the countryside. The children are promised that the families awaiting their arrival will care fo...
Stella by Starlight

Stella by Starlight

By Sharon M. Draper
4 ratings5 reviews
  • kjtennis
    kjtennis55 stars
    Stella lives in Bumblebee, North Carolina. Her town has been quiet for all these years until she and her brother spot the Ku Klux Klan just in their backyard! Her town is turned upside down in this wonderfully-written novel by Sharon M. Draper.
A Dog's Way Home

A Dog's Way Home

By Bobbie Pyron
6 ratings6 reviews
  • 20sfrerichs
    This book is full of edventure and excitement!!!Abbys dog Tam her Shetland sheepdog was in a real bad car accident separates them!!Her dog is flys out of the backseat in his carrier and falls into an icy cold river!!He goes on an adventure to find his way home!!!they were on vacation when he go...
Crown of Horns (Bone, Volume 9)

Crown of Horns (Bone, Volume 9)

By Jeff Smith
20 ratings13 reviews
  • j0ej0e
    j0ej0e55 stars
    I luv bone books and this is my favourite one. This book is about Thorne and how they (Phone Bone,Phoney Bone, Smiley, Gran'ma Ben, Bartelby, and Lucius) destroyed the dark one and won the battle against the enemy, sadly Lucius died while stepping in front of grandma ben so the dark one would no...


By R. J. Palacio
1483 ratings3451 reviews
  • felicisowl
    felicisowl55 stars
    Wonder was a book I first read 2 years ago, and over the years, I just couldn't stop re-reading it. The kids at my school call this book "childish", "horrible," and "weird just like the kid in the book." I think just the opposite. August is a normal kid on the inside, but not on the outside. ...
Stay Alive #1: Crash

Stay Alive #1: Crash

By Joseph Monninger
3 ratings5 reviews
  • aidanlynde
    aidanlynde55 stars
    I liked this book because when you think about survival books everyone goes crazy and turns on each other but in this book every one worked together to stay alive when their only food was lollipops and turned working hard to be saved a way to enjoy the lollipops.

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