Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Ultimate Guide

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Ultimate Guide

By Mary-Jane Knight

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Grades 4 - 8Grade 7n/a6.712436
It's the handbook no half-blood should be without: a fully illustrated, in-depth guide to gods, monsters, and all things Percy. This novelty companion to the best-selling series comes complete with trading cards, full-color diagrams, and maps, all packaged in a handy, "manual-size" POB with a crisp, magnetic flap enclosure.
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
ISBN-13: 9781423121718
ISBN-10: 1423121716
Published on 1/18/2010
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 156

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this book was amazing, it really helps bring percy jackson to life and it even includes things like report cards and it explains myths that percy has been told. i definitely recomend it to any percy jackson fans!

I want to read this book because I love the first book and so I know I will love this one!!!

You should totally read this book because it tells you a lot about Greek Gods and it shows you the characters in the book Percy Jackson. You should read that too! It tells about Greek creatures and what they look like! As I said, you should TOTALLY read this. Your mind will explode with Greek Mythology.

#1 PJ Lover #1 PJ Lover

We love you Percy Jackson Don't judge me

PercyJacksonFan PercyJacksonFan

This guide is the best guide in my life! I'm reading every Percy Jackson book I can get my hands on! I'm even keeping this guide in a treasure chest because it is so awesome!

lokigodofpranks lokigodofpranks

i have read literally all the Percy Jackson books at least 5 times each. i refuse to read anything but Percy Jackson books. ive been trying to get my whole family to read the books but they all wont allow anything Percy Jackson in the house. i have started a war against them and i will not back down till they have read every last book. should be fun.

This is the Ultimate Guide of Camp Half-Blood. Follow Nico as he trails the Camp with his edginess. Meet Thalia the Pine Tree, Archery area, and the Campfire.

Popcorn Popcorn

I love rick riordan books, They are the best. these books are how I got to like mythology.

Love this guide and get it out of the library a lot!

love it

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