The Tra-la-laaa-mendous Captain Underpants Collection (Books 5-8)

The Tra-la-laaa-mendous Captain Underpants Collection (Books 5-8)

By Dav Pilkey

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The next four hilarious adventures in one deluxe, glow-in-the-dark collection! Includes an inflatable Captain Underpants figure!

With more than 38 million copies in print, Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants books are among the bestselling children's series of all time! Now readers of all ages can enjoy a deluxe boxed collection of Books 5-8, featuring the tighty-whitey-wearing superhero who fights for Truth, Justice, and all that is Pre-Shrunk and Cottony! This set is encased in a book-shaped box with a groovy glow-in-the-dark cover and a super-cool, exclusive inflatable Captain Underpants figure!

Publisher: The Blue Sky Press
ISBN-13: 9780545084932
ISBN-10: 0545084938
Published on 10/1/2008
Binding: Paperback

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rainbowboy1234 rainbowboy1234

It is so funny how it works i mean how do they make it so fun for all kind of kids.other kids are missing out on this.

Chase Chase

This book is good

Liliana Liliana

These books are so funny.

Care Bear Care Bear

I think this sounds AMAZING!!! I love Captain Underpants, although I have only read the 1st book and some of the TV episodes. But I still would LOVE to get this book!!!

Aleksa Aleksa

in my opinion a great book

k1642460 k1642460


There is is a lot of potty humor, and other weird things.........

ie series on netflix is hilarious espicially last one in 1st season. XD

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