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    Nikki Maxwell's worst nightmare has come true—her diary has been stolen! Packed to the brim with secrets, passwords, drama, and private thoughts, Nikki's diary is her most-well-kept possession in the world. Utterly bewildered at how it could have been taken in the first place, she and her BFFs begin the hunt to find her diary nonetheless. Meanwhile, the pages of Nikki's diary are still being filled by none other than the drama-orchestrating pathologically-lying mean girl MacKenzie Hollister! Nikki suspects MacKenzie as well, but she has absolutely no proof of it. And as MacKenzie dishes the dirt about her own life in Nikki's diary, readers begin to realize that her life is not quite as perfect as she leads people to believe.
    8 days ago
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    This book has a very interesting story. This story is maybe a teeny bit like me. I've had an expander for about an year, and now, I am wearing braces. I have this book at home, and have read it several times. Raina sure put great illustrations, with plenty of great words to describe how she felt, acted, and survived these hard challenges between her teeth, siblings, boys, and even friends. I will highly recommend this book to those who enjoy reading about other's life, with twists and turns during sixth grade through high school.
    8 days ago
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    By Raina Telgemeier
    8 days ago
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