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Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider

By Cornelia Funke
11 ratings13 reviews
  • a_l_b
    a_l_b55 stars
    Because I love DRAGONS! So in this story it's almost all about mythical creatures and some made up ones! So a dragon named Firedrake has to leave his home to find the Rim Of Heavens for him and the rest of the dragons to live, so you think Firedrake is all alone right? Wrong! Firedrake is taking ...
The Twilight Saga Collection

The Twilight Saga Collection

By Stephenie Meyer
86 ratings86 reviews
  • kitkat163379
    kitkat16337933 stars
    I rated this book 3 stars. Obviously, you have heard about how good these books are. They have a wonderful plot, but I literally screamed and cried at the end. I don't think the author should of ended it that way. The author ended it the way she ended it though, no doubt about that. :( Well, if y...
The Vile Village (A Series of Unfortunate Events, No. 7)

The Vile Village (A Series of Unfortunate Events, No. 7)

By Lemony Snicket
14 ratings8 reviews
  • emmabookworm5
    This book is awesome! I wish I had talents like Violet, Sunny, and/or Klaus. (I actually am a Klaus; I read so many books, as you can tell by my username. I'm basically a living recommendation!) Once I read these books, I got into this Violet phase where I tried to invent these awesome things. (O...
Max (Maximum Ride, Book 5)

Max (Maximum Ride, Book 5)

By James Patterson
15 ratings11 reviews
  • magikkal
    magikkal55 stars
    Mr. Chu is only against max because she is trying to stop global warming and pollution, but he dumps his toxic waste into the ocean near hawaii
Ivy + Bean, Book 1

Ivy + Bean, Book 1

By Annie Barrows
155 ratings204 reviews
  • jeffdaboss
    jeffdaboss44 stars
    This book is really nice for young girls looking for a good book. This story, like any other story, starts with two different girls. Bean is a fun-loving girl who is friends with everyone and has a bit of an icy attitude towards her mean, older sister named Nancy. Ivy is a quiet-type girl who ima...
The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

By Mary Downing Hahn
45 ratings44 reviews
  • savannah1234
    savannah123455 stars
    This book is the best book I havve ever read! If you like Ghost stories you should totally read this book! It is about a girl named Flourence who is an Orphan who moves to live with her Uncle and Aunt because her mom and Dad died when a boat sunk. Her aunt is extremly mean to her. And her Uncle i...
Titanic #1: Unsinkable

Titanic #1: Unsinkable

By Gordon Korman
8 ratings9 reviews
  • happypug12
    happypug1222 stars
    Unsinkable was NOT a good start to the Titanic series. It's very, very bland and slow. The plot moves like molasses. I was pretty disappointed, as I had read Gordon Korman's Chasing the Falconers series, and I loved it, so I expected this book to be just as good. The characters don't have anythin...
The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events #5)

The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events #5)

By Lemony Snicket
28 ratings24 reviews
  • jasmint
    jasmint44 stars
    I enjoy reading this book I like the strategy of the author and also like the weird things that happen in the timeline, although principal Vice is a bad guy I think in his deepest heart he's the cutest person that brothers Baudelaires can meet, even when they eat shrimps with their hands they sti...
The Magician [MAGICIAN]

The Magician [MAGICIAN]

By Michael(Author) Scott
12 ratings4 reviews
  • sporecloud
    After fleeing Ojai, Nicholas, Sophie, Josh, and Scatty emerge in Paris, the City of Lights. Home for Nicholas Flamel. Only this homecoming is anything but sweet. Perenell is still locked up back in Alcatraz and Paris is teeming with enemies. Nicollo Machiavelli, immortal author and celebrated art...
The Search for WondLa

The Search for WondLa

By Tony DiTerlizzi
8 ratings8 reviews
  • suzannafromkentucky
    My school received this book during the middle of the last school year, and I, luckily, snatched it first. It is a futuristic tale inspired by your favorite childhood fairy tales. Eva Nine goes on a quest to find others like her, fellow humans, after the sanctuary that she has lived in her whole ...

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