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Witherwood Reform School

By Obert Skye
8 ratings21 reviews
  • bibliophile
    I quite enjoyed this book! It was more of a quick and adventurous read. This story gave a mysterious, but had a bit humor into it....It starts off with Tobias and Charlotte Eggers with their nanny, Martha... but Martha treats the kids horribly, and tells this "news" to their father saying that sh...

Two Miserable Presidents: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About the Civil War

By Steve Sheinkin
0 ratings3 reviews
  • dolphin021
    This book is really good because you learn about th war in a funny and interesting whay

The House of Hades

By Rick Riordan
178 ratings208 reviews
  • xxpish
    In The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan, Percy and Annabeth have fallen into Tartarus, and they are struggling to stay alive, minute by minute. They need to find the Doors of Death, and quickly. There seems to be no hope for them—Tartarus is the home of thousands of monsters that would kill them i...

How to Train Your Dragon: the Day of the Dreader

By Cressida Cowell
3 ratings2 reviews
  • derpytacos
    I haven't read this one yet. when is book 12 coming out?

My Secret Guide to Paris

By Lisa Schroeder
1 ratings2 reviews
  • magcon
    i wAnt to by this book at the book fair but i dobnt have money


By Gary Paulsen
170 ratings176 reviews
  • faxlover
    faxlover55 stars
    Hatchet is another one of Paulsen's "bull's eyes"; he really did a good job painting the image in the reader's mind. Brian is a normal kid with divorced parents, and is going to visit his dad. His mom gives him a hatchet before he leaves,and when the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes...

Almanac 2015

By National Geographic Kids
35 ratings27 reviews
  • spinnypeeps
    spinnypeeps55 stars
    I got this book from the freebie giveaway from DOGO books, and it was AMAZING! My little sister loves these cool facts about, well... everything you'd want to learn about in 2015. With Freaky & Cute pet costumes, awesome animal facts, peculiar places, entertaining articles, culture, and tidbits a...

Jack Templar and the Monster Hunter Academy: The Templar Chronicles: Book 2

By Jeff Gunhus
0 ratings1 reviews

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

By Kimberly Dean, James Dean
1 ratings2 reviews
  • science girl
    I like the books

Dork Diaries Box Set: Dork Diaries; Dork Diaries 2; Dork Diaries 3

By Rachel Renee Russell
59 ratings65 reviews
  • puppypuppy
    puppypuppy55 stars
    This book is unforgetable I personally never read books more than once or twice but this series made me break the chain. It's like a girl's version of a diary of a Wimpy kid but WAY better. See how Nikki Maxwell handles tough middle school drama at glance, see how she handles them and makes funn...

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i met the author of this book at...
Witherwood Reform School

kiley wrote:

it sounds awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Viva Frida


I just heard that Zayn left the ...
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science girl wrote:

I like the books
Pete the Cat and His Magic Sungl...