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Legacy of the Claw (Animas Book One)

By C. R. Grey
3 ratings6 reviews
  • llama lord
    have not read yet but reminds me of the song adam sang hunt u down eat u alive lol

Minecraft: Combat Handbook: An Official Mojang Book

By Scholastic
33 ratings80 reviews
  • ture916blue
    This book actually helped me out to several Player Vs. Players servers like going close combat and defending myself against avid PvP players.

The Heroes of Olympus Book Five: The Blood of Olympus

By Rick Riordan
108 ratings577 reviews
  • hyper_monkey
    I personally doubt that Rick would kill off any of the seven. He writes with his fans in mind, and he's also said that he won't kill off main characters. Now that Frank is praetor, it's unlikely that he'll die. However, it's highly likely that Reyna will either die or step down so that Hazel can ...

The City of Ember: The First Book of Ember (Books of Ember)

By Jeanne DuPrau
42 ratings45 reviews
  • xgispzx
    xgispzx5 stars
    This book seems really interesting and super cool! I will try to get it and read it as soon as i possibly can!UPDATE: I have finished reading this book and it is really fantastic. In some moments it really keeps you at the edge of your seat trying to figure out what's going to happen. Not going t...

The Unwanteds: The Unwanteds; Island of Silence; Island of Fire

By Lisa McMann
1 ratings2 reviews
  • smileyguy246
    This book is full of creativity, and will change your thinking about everything. It is full of adventure, and magic. In the land of Quill, Unwanteds and Wanteds are separated. Artime is a wonderful place, with exotic creatures.

The False Prince

By Jennifer A. Nielsen
6 ratings20 reviews
  • partg
    partg5 stars
    This book is one of the best books I have read in my life. I would say that it competes with the Hunger Games for being interesting, and it has an amazing plot. The book is set in around medieval times, and is about an orphan who is bought my a noblemen. When he goes into the noblemen's cart he n...

A Dangerous Path (Warriors, Book 5)

By Erin Hunter
14 ratings12 reviews
  • Bluestar217
    This is an amazing book! I won't give away the ending but all I am join to say is it is super sad, thanks to Tigerstar. Poor Fireheart to... All I am saying is read this book! I have all of the first series and the second series and four books in to the third. I can tell you this, these books...

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

By Lauren Tarshis
44 ratings53 reviews
  • 5kcoumerilh
    March.This book is about a boy named George that gets to go on the Titanic! He is finding all sorts of cool things to do on the big ship (but he always gets in trouble for them) like sliding down the main staircase banister or going to the 1st class baggage room to get a peek of an ancient prinnc...

Cryptid Hunters

By Roland Smith
1 ratings3 reviews
  • edmodo-lc4edxnhuh
    Cryptid Hunters is a great book about two kids named, Marty and Grace, who go live with their uncle, after their parents disappear. When they meet their uncle they realize that he is a Cryptid Hunter. A Cryptid Hunter is a person who searches for mythical creatures, such as Big Foot. When they ar...

Pegasus: The Flame Of Olympus

By Kate O'Hearn
12 ratings11 reviews
  • 00someone00
    This book is great! It is about a girl named Emily and a horse named Pegasus (Emily nicknames Pegasus, Pegs). Unfortunately, for Pegasus, he fell down from Olympus onto Emily’s roof. Another Olympian, Palen, also has fell from Olympus, for different, and not great reasons. Emily’s classmate her o...

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