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I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

By Lauren Tarshis
48 ratings60 reviews
  • 5kcoumerilh
    March.This book is about a boy named George that gets to go on the Titanic! He is finding all sorts of cool things to do on the big ship (but he always gets in trouble for them) like sliding down the main staircase banister or going to the 1st class baggage room to get a peek of an ancient prinnc...

Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers

By Dav Pilkey
63 ratings84 reviews
  • ifeelbookish
    I started reading the Captain Underpants when I was in 3rd Grade. Now I'm going into the the 8th Grade and I practically grew up with the Captain Underpants series. The tenth installment in the series picks up right where the ninth novel left off, with the the time-traveling Tippy Tinkletrousers ...

I Survived #11: I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871

By Lauren Tarshis
10 ratings31 reviews
  • BOB
    Could an entire city really burn to the ground? Oscar Starling never wanted to come to Chicago. But then Oscar finds himself not just in the heart of the big city, but in the middle of a terrible fire! No one knows exactly how it began, but one thing is clear: Chicago is like a giant powder keg ...

Fablehaven, Book 5:Keys to the Demon Prison

By Brandon Mull
12 ratings4 reviews
  • fiction_finatic
    I read this entire series and loved it! It is fun and exciting, full of detail and adventure. It is about a girl named Kendra and her brother Seth. They go to their grandparents' house and find out that it is a preserve for magical creatures It is really good!


By Matthew Cody
6 ratings1 reviews
  • gummy_gurl
    gummy_gurl5 stars
    daniel is the new kid in town and he meets new and odd friends who apear to be super heroes, since they are friends now they tell daniel that when they turn 13 there powers are taken away no daniel has to help his friends keep their powers foor good!

Invasion of the Overworld: A Minecraft Novel

By Mark Cheverton
15 ratings26 reviews
  • Netherpawthecat
    Finished it the day i got it ;) I loved it~ GAMENIGHT999 FOREVER SHAWNY ALWAYS KEEP ON CRAFTING GOODBYE

The O' Sullivan Twins (St Clare's)

By Enid Blyton
1 ratings2 reviews
  • Cool Cat
    WOW I've read the other books but I really wanted to read this one!!! Can't we read the whole book?!? PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me how

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Book 1)

By James Patterson
45 ratings60 reviews
  • katiniss
    katiniss5 stars
    I love this book so much. I told my friends that this is a great book, and one of my friends started to read it because of me! Then I told my other friend, and she borrowed the book, and ever since she's only had her nose in the book! This book is about a pretty teen who struggles to keep her flo...

Wings of Fire #2: The Lost Heir

By Tui T. Sutherland
19 ratings17 reviews
  • pelham13
    pelham135 stars
    I love the part where Tsunami's... Spoiler alert! Rescues new sister Aulklet rescued from a statue Orca cursed who is Their diseased sister who's evil (from probably from using too much of her animus powers cuz she's a animus Seawing) And when alkulet plays with anemone her other older siste...

A World Without Heroes (Beyonders)

By Brandon Mull
9 ratings10 reviews
  • elsa123
    elsa1235 stars
    This book is perfect of those of you out there that like fantasy, adventure, and lots of humour. This is the first book in the "Beyonders" and by the great author who also wrote the series "Fablehaven". If you have read that series, you will totally love this one! It is about a boy who travels t...

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