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Dork Diaries 8: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After

By Rachel Renée Russell
61 ratings129 reviews
  • tardisblue
    I am the BIGGEST Dork Diaries fan EVER and I absolutely LOVE this book! I do NOT want it to be the last book of the series because I need to read more about her relationship with Brandon (SQUEEEE!!!!!). I relate to Nikki so much it's like we're the same person (except I don't have any siblings ...

I Funny: A Middle School Story

By James Patterson
127 ratings151 reviews
  • xxpish
    xxpish55 stars
    Jamie Grimm is a middle school student in a wheelchair who lives with the Smileys (his nickname for them since they don’t laugh or smile); his aunt, uncle and their three children who don’t have any sense of humor, and gets bullied by their older son. Jamie is on a mission; to be the greatest st...

Charlotte's Web

By E. B. White
213 ratings274 reviews
  • xxpish
    xxpish55 stars
    Fern has saved Wilbur’s life. He was smaller than the other pigs, and Fern’s father was going to turn him into bacon, but Fern took him as her pet. Now, after Fern has cared for him a while, they have sold him to Fern’s uncle; Mr. Homer Zuckerman. Fern goes to her uncle’s farm every day to see...


By Kevin Henkes
10 ratings9 reviews
  • worley2
    "Chrysanthemum" is a story about a little mouse who thinks her name is perfect until she goes to school. All of the other mice made fun of her name because it was different. Chrysanthemum went home and told her parents she was sad. She even dreamed that she changed her name to Jane! Will things g...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

By Jeff Kinney
214 ratings557 reviews
  • meskelie
    I think that jeff kinney is one of the most amazing story tellers. he has great ideas. it seems like he never gives up he keeps going even when things are toufgh i'd never be able to be like he has he has the best books ever i wish i knew how to write like that you can see that hes one of the bes...

War with Grandpa

By Robert Kimmel Smith
5 ratings15 reviews
  • arjunr
    arjunr22 stars
    Although this book is full of humor, I didn't think it was all that interesting. In my opinion, a book should have more than one problem and have adventure or other categories. This book just explains a fight a Grandpa and grandson had each each other. A few hilarious parts, are when Peter { the ...

The Year of the Book (An Anna Wong novel)

By Andrea Cheng
34 ratings41 reviews
  • felicisowl
    felicisowl55 stars
    Hi, and I hope you will enjoy my review of Year of the Book. I don't understand why people are saying sort of negative things about this book. For example, one person said the main character (Anna) was too serious. If you really catch the details, there are reasons why she is pretty serious. Besi...


By Veronica Roth
252 ratings496 reviews
  • ifeelbookish
    ifeelbookish55 stars
    *SPOILERS* (I didn't know whether to review the book or the movie, so I just reviewed both.) So let's start with the characters. Well, Uriah was going to be introduced in Insurgent, and Al killed himself five minutes after he was introduced. Ugh. Edward wasn't in the movie, and of course, there...

Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid

By Megan McDonald
6 ratings5 reviews
  • elvis416
    elvis41655 stars
    This books about a kid you thinks he shrinks. it was funny because everybody shrinks before the meals at morning. this book could happen. it is for girls and boys. it is ages 6 and up. the main idea is that you always shrink a little! i give it 5 stars and recommend this book.

Judy Moody Gets Famous!

By Megan McDonald
28 ratings23 reviews
  • 20amerheb
    JUDY MOODY IS A VERY COMPETEVE GIRL IN THE STORY!she knows this girl named Jessica and she hears that she became the queen of the spelling bee! then the competion starts between jessica and judy.the book is filled with competion and jelousy!

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