Enter a Glossy Web

Enter a Glossy Web

By McKenna Ruebush

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Twelve-year-old George has no idea what to expect when she’s sent to stay with eccentric relatives following the disappearance of her brother. Soon after her arrival, she learns that Uncle Constantine has been kidnapped. George sets off to recover him and is joined by two orphaned boys along the way and Cavendish, a talking map. Together they visit magical worlds full of monsters, witches, and dragons as they attempt to find Constantine--the Timekeeper--a man of great significance. If he’s not rescued, events will cease to happen at their designated times, disrupting the unfolding of the universe. Can this ragtag crew save the future before being outwitted by evil captors?

A Christy Ottaviano Book

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
ISBN-13: 9781627793704
ISBN-10: 1627793704
Published on 9/27/2016
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 400

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Just as the name suggests, the book "Enter a Glossy Web" was truly a well- thought out web of countless worlds and dimensions woven together. It really was a charming book and I could tell that the author was trying not to make it a cliche fantasy book- which was a relief because I'm really sick and tired of those Mary- Sues that save the world because it's their destiny. Meanwhile, George's journey was not because of fate, but because she was the only one to do it... which I thought was intriguing, yet brave on her part to pursue her adventure. But if there was a piece of construcitve criticism I had to add, it would be that the character building needed some work(backstory layers, more 3D), and they tended to act too mature for their age. I particularly liked that the worlds that the author spun together were whimsical, funny, mysterious, and alluded to mythology here and there. I especially enjoyed that the gateway between worlds was a mud puddle! Next time I walk up to a mud puddle, I will make sure to try it out and reach the travelling port for all worlds- just kidding. Overall, other than the character building, I really thought that this read was a spectacular children's book. I would recommend it to advanced 7-10 year old readers for growth of vocabulary and imagination.

well...now i want to read it...thxs!

Wonderful review @spinnypeeps! Wow haha :)

This was rather long for a children's book, which is neither a good thing or a bad thing, just different. The main reason for this was because the universe was so large and dense that it took a very long time to explain the world in general. However, because the universe was so massive, there are many opportunities for the rest of the series to be even better than the first. My favorite part of the book by far was the characters. George was strong willed but not overbearingly so, Caleb was sweet and mysterious at the same time, and Milak was tiny but sarcastic and witty. These conflicting personalities and backstories was what made me intrigued. I also enjoyed the different elements of mythology or magic throughout the story and those backstories also intrigued me. However, I wished that there was a little more resolution for some of the main issues of the book, such as George's little brother. He was mentioned countless times throughout the story, but there is no resolution for his discovery by the end of the book other than basic information. I do understand that this is a trilogy, and this plot line was most likely drawn out for an even better ending of the last book in the trilogy. This was an awesome book overall, and I would definitely recommend it!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Enter a Glossy Web by Mckenna Ruebush is a good book. The cover makes it look interesting and the idea of a doorway to another world also seems interesting. You should read this book. I liked the part at the end when it say's "she had found people to belong to, and together they would find what she had lost." I liked it because she had found some friends. I think it was a good ending because she is happy and not lonely.

Georgina "George" has been sent to her uncle and aunt's victorian mansion, One Snaffleharp Lane, while her parents search for her little brother Daniel in Istanbul. Her relatives, Constantine and Henrietta, tell her a legend about a council of seven stop meteors from global destruction, and the council was destroyed by Nero, who murdered four other members. The meteors return, and while Constantine is out on business, George finds a living skeleton in her closet, and watches a strange man kidnap Henrietta. With instructions from her aunt, she sets off on a journey, meeting Caleb, a boy with no past, his friend Mikal, an undersized 11 year old orphan, and Cavendish, an electronic map. With moving doors, and different worlds, this book will draw you in.

I absolutely loved the book, especially the plot. George (her real name is Georgina, but she doesn't much like that name), goes to live with her Aunt Henrietta (Also known as Chicken, by her Uncle Constantine), and Uncle Constantine, when her parents go on a hunt to find her brother. On the first night that she's there, her Uncle Constantine tells her a story of a meteor shower that lasts for seven days, and the first time this happened, the seven smartest, wisest, and kindest people were put into a group known as the Council. Their job was to restore order between the worlds, to prevent more stars from falling, and the worlds from ending. There was the Judge, Timekeeper, Innocent, Engineer, Guide, Recorder, and Unlikely. The Council has since broken apart, but must be restored before the seventh night of the upcoming meteor shower, otherwise the worlds will drown under the weight of the stars. George, with her friends, Mikal and Caleb, along with a talking map, Cavendish, must restore order and retrieve George's kidnapped aunt, and her missing uncle, before it is too late. Will they be able to do it? Or will it prove to be too hard a burden for their strong, but small team? Read the book to find out!

George (short for Georgina) has been sent to her aunt and uncle after her little brother Daniel disappears and her parents set off to look for him. But things seem awfully strange when she arrives. Her aunt talks to ducks and her uncle has a watch with no hands and tells strange stories about the Council, and how Nero the Judge, one of the Seven went crazy and ended up killing all but 2 of his fellow Councilmen. Then Uncle Constantine goes on a business trip, and soon after George gets a note from him saying that he needs her help. The stories are true, and her aunt and uncle are the last two remaining council members. Before she knows it her Aunt Henrietta has been kidnapped by Nero, and she has to go find someone named the Eldest of the Elys while her uncle tries to reform the Council. On the way she meets Mikal and Caleb, two orphaned boys living in the graveyard. They make friends and they set off on the adventure together, looking for 3 keys to Astria, which are very important to the defeat of Nero. On the way they encounter a talking map named Cavendish, a crying Ooglah and taxi doors. Will they find the keys before the end of the world? Will they rescue Aunt Henrietta? I didn't really like this book. I thought that the action was really slow, and there weren't many hair-raising moments like an adventure book usually has. I like the idea of the book, the idea of the plot, but I think that it was poorly executed. I rate this book 2 out of 5 stars.

George is an average girl, but her family isn't so average. After her brother's disappearance, her uncle's disappearance and mysterious note, and her aunt's kidnapping, she follows the note's cryptic instructions and meets two boys. They become Snaffleharp Company, and find out that Earth is one of the worlds. They recieve instruction and an all-knowing tablet. To save every world from suffocation by stars, they need to find three keys in three different worlds. And in those worlds are the wackiest, zaniest characters. You'll meet an ordinary kid like Zed and also meet Thazel, the timid monster with the accordion nose. There's the dragon who lost his fire, and the three Els who are all different but all the same. To find out what happens, you'll have to read the book! The exposition was a little slow, and the dialogue and actions seemed out of place. But once you get into the book more, it becomes better and more appealing. This book is really for everyone. I'm not the biggest fantasy reader, but I eventually started to love it. Other than that, this book is four stars!

This book was the best fantasy story I've read in a while! Georgina (she prefers George), is twelve years old. George's little brother Daniel is lost, and after a several weeks of searching for him, George's parents drop her off at her Aunt and Uncle's house. Aunt Henrietta and Uncle Constantine are fun, kind, and thoughtful adults. George soon becomes close to these relatives, and she enjoys her stay with them. But then Uncle Constantine goes away on a business trip, and, when Uncle Constantine sends George a letter telling her that he needs help, George is puzzled. The not said to find the "eldest of the els". A few minutes later, Aunt Henrietta is kidnapped before George's eyes. With Aunt Henrietta's last piece of advice in mind, to go left, George does, and she finds two orphans, Caleb and Mikal. They join her in her mission to find uncle Constantine, and the group leaves at once. The group learn that a story Uncle Constantine told George was true, and that in order to save the world, they have to get 3 keys and and 3 objects from the world of Astria. They are given Cavendish, the talking map to aid them, and they become the Snaffleharp company. Their adventures take them to many different worlds, and lots of danger, enchantment, and nice monsters. If the snaffleharp company fails to locate the 3 objects, the world will end. Is this group of kids and a talking map ready to take on the pressure of saving the worlds? I loved this book so much! George is such a brave, thoughtful, smart, responsible girl. I think the message in this story is to always believe in yourself, even if other people doubt you. This book is a adventurous exciting story, and the Characters are always moving, and always learning something new. This is a book that both boys and girls with love! I hope you enjoy this book!