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    OMIGOSH. This book is soo good. It is about a girl who writes a letter to a boy in Zimbabwe and it turns out to be an amazing life long relation. They both consider each other brother and sister even though they are teased it may be a bit more. The girl (Caitlin) finds out the boy (Martin) is struggling to afford to stay in school and even afford food and housing, her generosity helps the whole family from clothing to education and everything in between. This is a really amazing book that reminds you how much of a difference you can make. I would recommend this for kids ages 8-any age.
    About 1 hour ago
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    Title: The Hobbit. Author: J.R.R Tolkien.Genre: Fantasy. I finished this book about 18 months ago and really enjoyed it. The book was very suspenseful but basically you should read this classic anyway. This book is good for 3rd to 5th grade and the sequel is also amazing. This book must be read at least once but I highly recommend reading it more times
    About 7 hours ago
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    Title: Long walk to freedom. Author: Nelson Mandela. Genre: Autobiography. Long walk to freedom is a great book for older kids like high schoolers as it has some disturbing parts but I reccomend it for anyone who is interested in the struggle against aphartied.
    About 7 hours ago
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    It is SOOOO good
    About 7 hours ago
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    THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    About 7 hours ago
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    Title: The lord of the rings. Author: J.R.R Tolkien. Genre: Fantasy. I finished this book last august and cannot express how much I loved it. Frodo learns that the ring he posseses is the ruling ring and with eight others leaves his home and goes on a periolous journey across Middle-earth to destroy it. They encounter battles, Friends and other enemies before the task is completed. I reccomend this book to 6th grade and up. YOU MUST READ THIS MORE THAN ONE TIME
    4 days ago
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    I just finished reading this book called Inside Out and Back Again. I really liked this book. I would rate this book a 3, just right. It had a few words I didn't know, and i had to re-read a few times. I would recommend this book for grades 4 to 6, just right for me. This is about a girl who moves to a new home and is bullied by some of the kids in her class because of who she is and what she looks like. If you like those kinds of books, this is the book for you. I really recommend this book.
    4 days ago
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    THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD. It is about this little girl named Ha, and her life. First, it talks about her life in Vietnam. The book is in poem form, and the poems are beautiful. They really get all of the details, even in the most vivid scenes. Next, it talks about her life on sea, after the place where she lived got bombed. Then it talks about her life in the U.S., and all of the bad, and good things that happened. This book was beautiful, and even a little bit educational. But I would recommend it for 9+ for sensitive content. It is DEFINITELY a must read.
    4 days ago

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