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    Fever 1793 is a very good book because I feel as though it showed how lucky we are to have all of this modern medicine to help us. Also, it shows the lifestyle of 1790's. It is about this girl named Maddie and how her family survives this horrible tragic time where civilization, humanity, and hope is lost.
    Over 8 years ago
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    I liked the Blood of Olympus because as the world is coming to an end, the crew must stop Gaea and her evil army of giants before it is too late and Gaea's army destroys Camp Halfblood and the gods. It is a race against time, the earth, and also fate.
    Over 8 years ago
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    I love Out of My Mind because it is about a struggle. A girl named Melody was born unable to talk, walk, or even move. But she has a photographic memory so she is extremely smart. But no one can hear her until she gets tool that can speak for her but not everyone cares enough to listen to what she had to say.
    Over 8 years ago

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