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    Fantastic finale to the Matched trilogy, in my opinion there was more potential, but I still really enjoyed how much action there was as well as Ally Condie's writing style.
    Over 5 years ago
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    This is definitely one of my all-time favorite books. Have you ever been reading a book and then think, "It would be perfect if____" and think of what could happen next to make the story even better? Well that's exactly what this book was like for me- there were so many times I thought, "Oh my gosh, it would be totally awesome if-" and then boom- it happens. Completely worth the five out of five stars.
    Over 5 years ago
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    This is the only graphic novel I've read and enjoyed as much as I would a regular novel. I LOVE this book- I've read it at least three times that I know for sure, possibly four. This book is perfect for anyone in middle school and Raina is very relatable. Fun Fact: Smile is a true story- look at the author's name :)
    Over 5 years ago

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