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    I absolutely love this book. It's extremely touching. For the people who say the book has only to do with children killing each other- you're incorrect. If she wants to win the hunger games, Katniss has to make a choice. She has to choose against humanity.
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    Imagine living in a word, where every year, called the Reaping, two people, a girl and boy from ages 12-18, are chosen between 12 other districts to fight to the death, and the last one standing wins their district food, money and endless happiness. Well, that's what happens in this book. Katniss Everdeen , an illegal hunter to feed her family, and the rest of her district. Her district is District 12, the poorest district, and has never known what it feels like to be full, volunteers as a tribute, to standing against 23 others, and fight to the death. But, there is someone who is always on her mind ever since his name was called: Peeta. "I remember him, from when I was smaller." "Why is he getting in my head?" "Peeta, Peeta, Peeta," is all that runs through her head. Before the Games even start, there is manipulation, confusion, danger and love, a book everyone should read. Before reading this book, I really didn't think I would like it, considering the fact that I'm very, very picky when it comes to reading books, and will immediately put one down if it doesn't satisfy me. There is a rare moment where I feel touched by a book, and very emotional. That is how this book made me feel; I swear I cried sometimes. This book is really symbolic, and shows a comparison to the real world, and the class system. As most people know, District 12, the district Katniss grew up in, represents a class of poverty, the low class system. Places like District 11, to around District 5, would fall under the class system of Middle and Upper Middle class, which is like having basic needs, a job, enough food on the table, maybe even sometimes surplus, and just overall, a good amount of everything. Then you have District, 4, 3, 2, and 1, who are basically the rich people. Very entitled, always has food on the table, has never struggled, and has money galore. This is exactly like our world, with people in poverty, people who have things they need, and a little more, and then the people who have so much that they could share, but don't. This book not only subtly shows that, but also shows tension when all of these people come together as equals every year, fighting to the death. This is why I love this book, there are multiple meanings to that. If you watched the movies, you'll definitely enjoy the books.
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