Secrets of Bearhaven (Bearhaven #1)

Secrets of Bearhaven (Bearhaven #1)

By K. E. Rocha

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Book 1 of 4 in the  Secrets of Bearhaven Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.255988
It starts with a chase. When Spencer Plain is pulled out of school in the middle of the day, he never expects to be speeding down the highway with his uncle, trying to outpace the car that's tailing them. And he certainly never thought he'd find himself fleeing from a bear through the woods.

And when he hears the bear say "We've been expecting you," Spencer knows he's just uncovered a whole world he'd never imagined. He's brought to Bearhaven, a secret oasis his parents created for bears.

But there are depths to Bearhaven that Spencer and his new bear cub friend, Kate, start to uncover. Spencer finds out he's been there before, even if he can't remember. He also stumbles into a rescue mission being planned, to save a bear in danger. He knows he can help, and he's desperate to find clues to his parents' whereabouts, so he and Kate decide to take matters into their own hands - even if they discover a secret that could threaten Bearhaven's future!
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN-13: 9780545813037
ISBN-10: 0545813034
Published on 1/5/2016
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 256

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I couldn't put the book down! It talked about a thing that I didn't know it existed and I was really mad to know that it's still going on today. The book was really good. I learned a lot of things from this book. I like bears even more now! I would recommend this book to everybody! :) I can't wait to read the next book!

In the city of Bearhaven, bears can communicate with humans, bears act like humans. All in all, bears live like humans. In this amazing book, you'll travel through the world of Spencer Plain, who isn't so plain after all. Throughout this story, you'll feel loneliness, fear, pride, and wonder. You'll feel like you've been left out and you don't matter. But, while these things cloud your thoughts, one thing stays the same, and one question remains unanswered: Why are there so many secrets?

Meet twelve-year-old Spencer Plain, who has been surrounded by bears all his life (not literally), because of his traveling bear activist parents. What he didn't know was that his parents (along with his Uncle Mark) created a safe haven for all bears called 'Bearhaven' after seeing how cruelly the bears were treated. Suddenly, on a normal school day, his uncle Mark tells Spencer that he needs to take Spencer to somewhere safe and that his parents can't be contacted, and that they are missing. After arriving at Bearhaven, Spencer discovers the technology is there is almost as advanced - if not more - than the humans, especially the BEAR-COMs, which translate Ragayo (the bears' language) to English. But when he sneaks into the secret lab meeting and hears about their plan to rescue an abducted bear, Ro Ro, and her cubs, and maybe save his parents on the way, Spencer is determined to go along on the mission. Unfortunately, the adult bears and Mark have other plans for him, and that's to stay safe in Bearhaven. With the help with Kate Dora Weaver, a young bear cub, he learns the skills needed to go on a rescue mission - Rescue Ragayo, Boulder Moving, Bear Stealth, and more. But when the bears still say "no", Spencer takes things into his own hands.. But when he arrives at the mission, he realizes that he will have to use every ounce of energy and wit he has left to save the bears - or leave the bears and himself (after he gets into a horrible mess, encountering some of Bearhaven's worst enemies, who will do anything to know the location of his parents and the secrets of Bearhaven) to suffer a horrible fate. First of all, I loved how this book was so far from reality (or maybe not?) It was a tangled world of inventions and it intrigued me every time I delved further into solving the mysteries of this world. But I also hated how far from reality it was - I mean, all fantasy books need a "touch" of reality, something that can root the story into the ground. Spencer - while I did like his determination and a lot of his admirable qualities - I felt like he had no flaws. I knew Spencer would always come out in the end, victorious, no matter how many obstacles were thrown at him. The book was also predictable - when Uncle Mark mentioned a female operative, I immediately suspected it was Evarita, Spencer's nanny or babysitter, and I was right - and I was able to predict most things correctly, unless the plot twist diverted too much from the plot. But I was able to enter a state of mind where I was interested enough to continue in one sitting, and this book kept me on my toes - I couldn't resist turning the page. I had suspicions in the beginning, but though the middle and ending were flawed, they were thick with complexity and mystery that intrigued me. I recommend this book to everyone who has ever thought they could do something great but was discouraged by adults, I recommend this book to everyone who likes animal books, and I recommend this book to everyone who just wants a great adventure. All in all, Bearhaven was a well-written book that was exciting, full of action, and complex, but it lacked several things and had flaws..

Bearhaven is where humans and bears can interact with each other; a safe environment for abused and (second-generation type...) bears to live. So the whole plot is very intriguing and very unique! It kind of reminded me about the series the Warriors... And I really liked how the author used personification to make bears talk... well they have these technological transmitters (BEAR-COM) that translate "bear language" to English... It's kind of quite cool! Like safe means Shala, fast means Grauk, and attack means Gal (just a little helpful words to know before exploring the words of Bearhaven)... So starting off with the beginning... Meet Spencer Plain, he's always around with bears, know many random facts about bears, because his parents (bear activists) created Bearhaven after seeing the cruelties that people treated bears... but Spence never knew that... he didn't even knew that they played video games or eat delicious food (well sounds delicious to me!!). After Uncle Mark quickly gets Spence and tells him that his parents are missing (his dad is abducted while his mom quickly fled somewhere unknown)... Spencer soon unravels the secrets of his parent's actual job and becomes very determine to find his parents. Of course the adult bears and Uncle Mark underestimate Spencer... I mean what can this little kid do???? Instead with the help of Kate (this adorable bear), she helps train Spencer into being the man that can save bears and his parents... When he meets his nanny (trying not to spoil it... but don't worry the author doesn't forget about her... because she plays a crucial role)... they make a plan to stop all the bear abusers... because it's about to get real... Because they're going down for real!!! (did you see the pun I did there ;D) So can Spencer defeat the "bad guys," save RoRo and her cubs, and save his parents??? Well if you want to know... read and find out! So I thought that the end would be "everybody gets a happy ending" and it would be cliche... but I was wrong... The ending surprised me... Also how people mistreat bears... is just horrible... I wished the author dug deeper into the problems, solutions, and history about bear abuse... but overall... I thought this was a sweet book... After all who doesn't like to read about talking bears with a crazy spy mission!!! So if you like mischief, adventures, and think kids can make a huge difference (because it is soooooo true... Anybody can make a difference... they just need to have the right mindset)... then this book is perfect for you!! Enjoy! Because it's about to be real!

This book was really interesting. Spencer Plain, son of bear activist is one day whisked away to a secret haven for rescued bears by his uncle, and finds out that his parents are missing. In Bearhaven, where bears can talk to humans with technology, he befriends Kate, a bear cub,

In The Secrets of Bearhaven we meet 12-year old Spencer Plain. Spencer has been surrounded by bears his whole life, figuratively speaking. Spencer's parents are bear activists and travel all over the world to rescue bears. But when his parents disappear Spencer learns that his parents weren't only rescuing bears. The Plains also created Bearhaven, which is basically a town of bears. But with technology the bears can speak, and they are just as educated as humans. They play video games, have restaurants, go to school. When his parents disappear he is sent to Bearhaven to be kept safe. He stays with the Weavers and meets Kate Weaver-a young cub his own age. Spencer wants to help find his parents and must find a way to be allowed on the mission. So, he and Kate start training. But will they be able to find Spencer's parents? Will they keep Bearhaven safe from humans who want to exploit it? I recommend this book to fantasy lovers, and animal lovers. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

The Secrets of Bearhaven is a good book. This book is about Spencer Plain. In the book spencer finds out that his parents built a place called Bearhaven Spencer’s parents were bear activists; they saved bears and put them in the wild. But he figures out that his parents saved bears and brought them to Bearhaven instead of the wild. In Bearhaven bears are living quite like humans. They have video games. They eat at a table and other things like that. Spencer's parents go missing. Spencer is sent to Bearhaven to be safe. in Bearhaven Spencer stays with the Weavers. The Weavers are a family of bears. Spencer meets Kate Weaver. They become friends. kate trains Spencer to try and get him on a mission to save bears and also his parents. Kate is my favorite character. I really loved the plot. I highly recommend reading this book.

This book looks cool I am going to try it

I loved this book so much!!! This story is about a boy named Spencer Plain, finds out about how his parents helped bears create a safe place for them to live. Spencer thought that the fact that his parents were bear activists meant that they saved bears and put them in the wild. But it turns out, that they saved bears and brought them to a place called Bearhaven where bears spoke through translaters, and played bear video games. Spencer's parents go missing, and spencer is sent to Bearhaven to be safe. Spencer meets Kate Weaver and him and the bear cub become close while trying to get Spencer on a mission that would help spencer find his parents, and save a bear too. My favorite character is Spencer because he is kind, and trustworthy. This book is an amazing fantasy tale, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!