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    By Joelle Charbonneau
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    Thanks so much selina!!! I needed to write a book review about that book but I was way to tired. Thanks so much !! :)
    Almost 2 years ago
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    Raina is just a normal 6th grader. After tripping and injuring her 2 front teeth she has to go through embarrassing headgear and a retainer with fake teeth and surgeries. On to top all that pain she has boy trouble, a major earthquake and even fake friends! If only she had something to protect her from all this pain and embarrassment.
    Almost 2 years ago
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    It was actually, kinda impressive. At first, I didn't really think this book is something I would like to read, I just didn't think it would appeal to my taste. But no, it was like, really good. The Next Great Paulie Fink is all about the horrors, ups, downs, and how to overcome that evil middle school version of yourself. It follows the life of Caitlyn Breen ,a girl in seventh grade that has to move to a new middle school in the middle of nowhere. She has to overcome the obstacle that is finding yourself. At the same time, she hears stories about a kid names Paulie Fink who, apparently, impacted the school and kids greatly. This book is different. It really shows the real side of middle school and how it was (truly) not the greatest. Hard. It was straight up hard, and this book shows that but with metaphors. I received an ARC from DogoBooks.
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