Ellie the Homesick Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)

Ellie the Homesick Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)

By Holly Webb

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Megan is really excited about moving. She can't wait to take her Golden Labrador Ellie for walks in the countryside near their new house. But Mum and Dad say that Ellie will be upset by the move, and she has to go and stay with Gran. Megan really misses her - and Ellie will do anything to get home to Megan - "Lost in the Snow" (978-1-84715-010-3) was one of the best-selling animal stories of Christmas 06/07, and has now sold over 115,000 copies. New Holly Webb titles continue to be a huge success. "Harry the Homeless Puppy" and "Buttons the Runaway Puppy" are consistently featured in Bookscan Charts in 2009.
Publisher: Stripes
ISBN-13: 9781847151131
ISBN-10: 1847151132
Published on 1/4/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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Wow!! This is a cute puppy and I think this is a best book 1 Ellie is a very cute puppy I read this book and enjoy πŸ’• this is a best book πŸ‘πŸ» I like this book and love love love love love it πŸ’– 😍 thanks ❀️ Write this Review in Faria

kyla kyla

Such a cute puppy

This was one of the first chapter books I’ve ever read! My aid* let me read it β€œbecause it was pink” and I really liked it . That was two years ago! Usually, my aid and my teacher try to keep me from reading chapter books, but I read them at home or , sometimes they let me have the pink ones. I was really lucky this was pink! *The reason I have an aid is because I have autism.

Luna Luna

Aaa so cute puppy

I've read a little bit of these books but I've never read this one. I love puppies and I will want to get it the next time I go to the library

Ellie is a little puppy, and her owner is Megan. When the two hear that they are on a big move, Ellie doesn't understand a thing. She runs around, while the other family members pack, and eventually Ellie hurt Megan's Dad's leg. Due to this fiasco, Ellie is moved to stay at Megan's grandmother's house; a home that involves a cat. When the shocked little puppy hard this, she ran away. This book is full of adventure, and is the perfect book for puppy-lovers.

I have this book at home. This book fits ages 5-7, and around level N-M. I read it a while ago, and has great language!!! Although it's at a low level, it's a rare find. I hope this information helps you pick or decide if this books is just right for you.

Emilia Emilia

It so good

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