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    I loveed reading Fablehaven and Poison Masters when those books were released so I'm so excited about this new series!! Would definitely recommend this genre
    About 2 years ago
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    About 2 years ago
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    My brother really likes dinosaurs, just learned to read and really likes my other Weird But True books. I would like to get this book to share with him. I think he would really enjoy it.
    Over 2 years ago
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    Hey! I see a ton of new people on this site and a bunch of old ones too. I haven't been on in soooo long but I've just finished a ton of amazing books and I wanted to review them. While I'm here, who are your favorite singers? Mine is Harry Styles all the way, I've loved his music ever since he started out with One Direction (love them too) and his solo stuff is incredible. I also like Panic! at the Disco, Taylor Swift, and Louis Tomlinson's solo career... perfection. So yeah I wanna here which musicians you guys like.
    About 3 years ago
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    This finale to the To All the Boys I've Loved Before made me wish for another book! Lara Jean's senior year is filled with confusion over where she'll go to college, how she'll keep up with all the changes in her life and the lives of her family and friends, and whether or not she'll be able to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend Peter when she isn't accepted into the same school he's going to. They find themselves growing apart despite their best efforts. Can they figure out how to stay together long-distance? If it's real love, will they find a way? I cried so much reading this book and the writing is so compelling and immersive, I felt very connected to the characters throughout this series and I related to Lara Jean deeply. I can't wait for the movie adaptation for this last book because the movies for the other books were so good!
    About 3 years ago
  • olliebob
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    I loved this book! The writing was beautiful and the love story was perfect for a hopeless romantic like me. Lara Jean is also a hopeless romantic, so hopeless, in fact, that she's never actually had a boyfriend. She has however, had five crushes; Kenny from summer camp, John Ambrose McClaren and Peter Kavinsky, both childhood friends, Lucas James, and Josh Sanderson, who happens to be dating her older sister. When Lara Jean has a crush on a boy, a real, intense, powerful crush, she writes a letter to them. She pours out all of her complex feelings, addresses the letter, and puts it in the hatbox her mother gave her before she died. She never sends the letters, no one will ever see them but her. Until one day the hatbox vanishes from the top shelf in her closet. She has no idea what happened to her letters until Peter Kavinsky comes up to her with his letter and some well-deserved questions and she realizes her worst fears have been realized. Her letters were sent out and her five crushes can now see the most personal thoughts and feelings about them. Now she has to figure out which feelings to avoid, and which to embrace, and learns that her feelings, when actually shared, have powerful consequences. The story is moving, interesting, and has strong themes of loyalty and love for ones family. I would suggest high school age is a good time to read this as there are some mature concepts and language. I'm a huge fan of this book, as well as the two sequels, and the movie adaptation. If you like romance, this is a must-read.
    About 3 years ago
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    This sequel to To All the Boys I've Loved Before is just as amazing as the first book. Lara Jean and Peter think that all of the drama and craziness in their lives is over by now. They're together, enjoying their high school experience as a new couple, and anything that happened before is behind them, right? Well... not exactly, especially after a letter shows up at Lara Jean's house from John Ambrose McClaren (her second crush) in response to the one she had hoped had gotten lost in the mail. As if that's not enough, an upsetting video surfaces of Peter and Lara Jean, and Lara Jean is sure she knows who's responsible for it... Gen, Peter's ex girlfriend and LJ's ex best friend. Suddenly Peter has things he can't tell Lara Jean, and she has to ask herself why he would treat her this way if he really loved her. The two have to navigate through their confusing relationship and figure out who they really want to be with. As with the first book, I'd recommend reading this at high school age as there are mature concepts and language. I read this series (3 books) in only 3 days! That's how good they were! I would also highly recommend the movie adaptations because they are just as good the books.
    About 3 years ago
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    About 3 years ago
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    About 3 years ago

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