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    Wow. That artwork is so cool. I can't believe they were able to make it. I can't believe people would buy an artwork by $69.
    4 months ago
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    That's really cool. I never knew there was a Meteorite older than Earth ON Earth.
    4 months ago
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    I love cute animals! I think it would be fun to read.
    4 months ago
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    Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo was published June 5 of 2012 and will be adapted into a TV show for Netflix which will be released April 5 of 2021. Shadow and Bone is a 358 page young adult fantasy book for ages twelve and up. Leigh Bardugo was born in Jerusalem, raised in Southern California, and now she lives and writes her books in Los Angeles CA. Shadow and Bone is an amazing book to follow, as Alina Starkov goes on an adventure throughout Ravka. The story is in the setting of Russia and starts in a little town on the border of the Shadow Fold. The terrain changes throughout the book, near the border of the fold the land is dry and the soil is no longer good to grow crops in. As you get farther away from the fold you get more woods and farmland. The main character Alina Starkov has to cross the shadow fold along with other selected people. Throughout the book there’s always a nervous kind of mood, while there are other moods as well, this one stood out to me. Shadow and Bone is about a girl named Alina who grew up in the Dukes home with her best friend Mal. Now Alina and Mal have to cross the Shadow fold a place nobody wants to go with the help of the Grisha. The Grisha are the masters of the Small Science that call upon air fire and water, and that's only the tip of the ice berg. On the other side of the shadow fold is said to be towns and cities that overlook the sea but first they have to make it across. The way Bardugo writes puts a clear picture of what's happening in your mind, I never got turned around or confused. I could hardly stop reading because at every turn there's a twist or fight. One of the things I disliked is how the description of the food didn't make it easy to imagine, but it didn't bother me too much. Overall, Shadow and Bone is a really good book, you never quite know what's coming next. The book has some amazing balance between character building, as well as world building. I loved this book and could hardly put it down! I would give it 5 stars would recommend and I think this book would be good for anyone looking for a good fantasy read ages 12 and up.
    4 months ago
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    hey guys! So here's some stuff about me 1. I'm homeschooled and in 7th grade 2. my favorite book/series is KotLC and the book I'm currently reading is called Fly by Night 3. I do cross country.
    5 months ago
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    Sad... I don't really like winter....
    5 months ago

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