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Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 10R5.742328
This award-winning contemporary classic is the survival story with which all others are compared—and a page-turning, heart-stopping adventure, recipient of the Newbery Honor.


Brian Robertson, sole passenger on a Cessna 406, is on his way to visit his father when the tiny bush plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness. With nothing but his clothing, a tattered windbreaker, and the hatchet his mother had given him as a present, Brian finds himself completely alone.

Challenged by his fear and despair -- and plagued with the weight of a dreadful secret he's been keeping since his parent's divorce -- brian must tame his inner demons in order to survive. It will take all his know-how and determination, and more courage than he knew he possessed.
Published on November 1, 1986 by MacMillan Publishing Company.
ISBN-10: 0025274031
ISBN-13: 9780025274037
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  • brooke1234
    brooke1234Monday, October 14, 2019 at 11:50 am44 starsFeatured
    In my opinion this book was very interesting and it is an attention grabber. It shows a lot of enthusiasm and excitement that pulls you into the book. Especially at the part where Brian finds something that is life changing for him. It is also very interesting because it kinda shows real world problems that could help your life, if you are ever stranded in a forest. This book was also very intense because you are eager to see what happens next. It even has a little drama about what happened between the parents. I also think his mother is very rude and dishonest about lying to her family. Overall this book was very good and I liked it a lot. I recommend you read it.
    • puggieboy
      puggieboyFriday, October 11, 2019 at 1:00 pm55 stars
      Hatchet Book Review I loved this book because it had a lot of action and was full of suspense. I always wanted to read more to see what happens to the characters. My opinion on Brain’s mom is that she was the reason for Brain’s parents having a divorce. If she didn’t make the decisions she did then Brain would have a happier life and miss the plane crash. My favorite part of the book was when he got something that would change his life in a good way. I liked this part of the book because it gave Brain a boost in many different aspects. Another thing that I liked about the book is that I was able to relate to things that they talked about in the book. This book was very entertaining and I had a good time reading it. I would recommend this book to all readers.
      • bunnygirl554
        bunnygirl554Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 4:53 pm
        I'd really like to read it
        • hedgehog_god
          hedgehog_godThursday, October 10, 2019 at 3:38 pm55 stars
          This book was really good, I definitely enjoyed it, Hatchet has a lot of laughing points and some sad parts, but it was highly entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure stories, this book made me feel as if I was in the wild it pulled me into it and at some parts, and slowly pushed away in others. It was very suspenseful and Brian used a lot of creativity while surviving. My favorite part of the book was in the last chapter when he found something special in the water.
          • ivanmanboi
            ivanmanboiThursday, October 10, 2019 at 1:38 pm55 stars
            Hatchet Book Review I give the book Hatchet a 5 star rating. The book has many different exciting and interesting parts. Spoiler: My Favorite part of the book is when he gets rescued. This is my favorite part of the book because he thought that he would live in the Canadian wilderness for ever. My favorite character in the book is Brian because he is very brave and never gives up on something that needs to be done. Not only but also Brian is very energetic. Maybe you should give this book a try and see how you like it.
            • lacywyda-157003850668
              lacywyda-157003850668Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 1:37 pm55 stars
              This is an outstanding book and I definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to read it.I rate this book a 4 ½ stars because it talks about how people can be courageous and what people could do it they put their mind to it. SPOILER: My favorite part about this book is when brian got rescued by another pilot sadly the other pilot died from a heart attack. When you read this book you would want to read chapter after chapter. In my opinion this book ends on a clif hander and i wonder what happens next. The book starts out like any other book it is peaceful, Brian wants to see his dad in Canada,his mom gave hin a hatchet for a gift then, he gits on the plain and flies to see his dad. But heres when the story gets intense brian looks over and sees the pilot having a heart attack and Brian is getting nervous and frecks out after he was forced to fly the plain.
              • vukacagi-157003850545
                vukacagi-157003850545Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 1:37 pm55 starsFeatured
                Hatchet is a book about 13-year old Brian and his adventures and misadventures being stranded in a forest after an unexpected plane crash. In my opinion, this book is entertaining and I would definitely recommend it to teenagers and young adults. Although Hatchet has amazing imagery and, at times, emotional moments, everything happened very suddenly and a little too fast. I had a hard time keeping up with all the events that happened. Perpich was a key character in the book. Even though he is not with Brian, he influenced him to stay motivated and positive. I love how a teacher, and the lesson he taught, stuck with Brian through hardships and downfalls; as well as the successes. My favorite part was when something catastrophic destroyed Brian’s camp. I loved how he stayed positive and determined to survive. Hatchet is a fantastic book because of the message it sends to readers. It shows readers how to survive, but also shows how much family can stick with you. All through being stranded, Brian was thinking about his family and the times they had together. It shows you to appreciate the things your parents do for you. Overall, I believe Hatchet is five stars.
                • animeweeb336
                  animeweeb336Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 1:30 pm22 stars
                  In my opinion, this book was not a book that I would recommend, it has very unrealistic twists, it also has a very unsatisfying ending, and very random flashbacks. SPOILER ALERT: my favorite part of this book was probably when something mysterious came out and attacked Brian, then stole something important of his. My favorite character was probably the pilot from the end of the book, because even though he was in a small portion of the book, I still liked his humor and how he wore glasses. I would give this book two stars out of five personally. Somebody who likes forests and animals and survival/adventure books would probably like this book more than me.
                  • fisedaku-157003850124
                    fisedaku-157003850124Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 1:26 pm55 stars
                    My opinion on Hatchet is that it is a very fun and adventurous book to read. You never know what is going to happen and some parts are very surprising/shocking. Hatchet is a book about a young boy who got stranded in the forest and is trying to survive. (!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!) My favorite part of the book is when a tornado hits Brian’s “camp”. This is my favorite part because he stayed strong afterward even though before he had been attacked by a moose. He was left with nothing, but the hatchet, and was still tough and even said “Is that all you’ve got.”, showing that he is ready for anything. (!!!END OF SPOILER!!!) I would recommend this book to people who like a mysterious journey because you never knew what would happen and to me that is really fun to read. In my opinion, Terry seems like a really fun and caring person who is also Brian’s best friend. I think he is caring because he was trying to stop Brian from getting sad about the Secret. He is fun and Brian’s best friend because Brian talked about Terry a lot of times when him and Terry were playing games and riding bikes. Another reason I think Terry is Brian’s best friend is because he never talked about any other friends, so I assumed that he was his best friend. I picked a rate of five because I really like books about mystery and adventure and Hatchet has a lot of both.
                    • lekahafu-157003850249
                      lekahafu-157003850249Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 1:19 pm44 stars
                      Hatchet in my opinion is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone thinking about reading it Because the plot and the story is great but, there were some odd parts and some odd grammar. My favorite part of this book has to be when Brian, the main character, finds a very interesting and life changing object ,around the end of the book, that will turn surviving to simply living in the woods.There was some parts I didn't really understand like finding berries or attacked by mosquitoes because they simply weren't to important to the story, they were only extra detail. Brian,s dad in my opinion is a fairly good guy even though he’s never around in the book he was always described as a good guy according to Brian but we never see him.The way he was stranded in the first place was he was going to visit his dad and his plane crashed that’s it.