Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

By Rachel Renée Russell

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Meet Nikki Maxwell! She’s starting eighth grade at a new school—and her very first diary packed with hilarious stories and art in this SUPER SQUEE updated edition of Book One of the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series!

Nikki confesses all in her first diary ever: her epic battle with her mom for an iPhone, meeting her new soon-to-be BFFs Chloe and Zoey, falling for adorably sweet crush Brandon, dealing with her zany little sister Brianna’s antics—and the immediate clashes with mean girl Mackenzie, who becomes Nikki’s rival in a schoolwide art competition.

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Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9781416980063
ISBN-10: 1416980067
Published on 6/2/2009
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 304

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um I'm sorry I am NOT a fan of this book. it's just not for me. pls don't say in the comments that I'm being rude by saying I don't like the book, because I'm not. It's just my opinion.

I read this a long time ago, but it was really good

The Dork Diaries is an amazing series! If you liked this book, you should definitely read the rest of the books!

OMG, I LOVE the Dork Diary series! I’ve read all of the books, and they’re one of my favorite series! It’s about a dorky girl named Nikki who goes through middle school. She experiences a lot of drama and heartbreak. I think the book series are great for people who like dramedy (drama + comedy)!

Chase I'm a dork and I think it gives me inspiration🤗

I'm just bot this one . I love to read this book.

The book was kinda relatable but not really at the same time. It was really good. Too bad I started reading the series toward the end of primary. Now im too old and cant borrow those books cuz im in sedondary. My main point - READ IT CUZ FUNNY!

It was SOO good for the first book I wonder what will be in all the others and if they will be the same good or better!

Okay. There's a lot to say here. I got this book at the library cuz I wanted something new to read, and this seemed interesting. I was SO wrong. So the girl, nikki, is like REALLY dramatic and is always like, OMG this, OMG that. OmgOmgOmg!!!! Unless you like all that weird stuff, I don't recommend you reading this. The art is okay, though. But otherwise, sorry if you were gonna read this, but..... yeah. I think I've said enough.

3 stars--I know this is a popular book, so I was SUPER excited when I saw it at the library. I immediately wanted to read Dork Diaries because the amazing art style captivated me. However, once I started reading, I had...mixed feelings about this book. --The Bad Stuff about Dork Diaries: I HATED Nikki, the main character. I know hate is a strong word, but there's no other way to describe my immense dislike of her. She's whiny, melodramatic, annoying, self-centered, insecure, hypocritical...the list goes on. She's constantly whining about how her life SUCKS because OMG, she doesn't have a phone! And she got a DIARY for her birthday! *gasps* Poor, poor Nikki! (BTW, I'm being sarcastic). Girl, just because you didn't get a phone and your mom gave you a diary instead doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Another thing I didn't like was how Nikki overreacts about every. Single. Freaking. Thing. Mean Girl MacKenzie insults her at school? Meltdown time! Brandon, her crush, smiles at her? Let's have a heart-eyed meltdown! Nikki's father waves at her? MORTIFIED MELTDOWN! Lastly, Nikki is a hypocrite--she constantly complains about how mean MacKenzie is while saying mean things about EVERYBODY behind their backs and tormenting her little sister, Brianna. NOT COOL. I could probably write a five page essay talking about why I hate Nikki. --The Good Stuff about Dork Diaries: You're probably wondering why I gave this book 3 stars if I dislike the main character so much. The answer to that is: I HEART THE ART!!! Seriously, the drawing style is AMAZING. As someone who appreciates art, I enjoyed looking at the pictures in this graphic novel. I also liked the character of Brianna (she's weird but hilarious). So, overall, I didn't love Dork Diaries, but I didn't hate it, either. I'll probably read the rest of the series, though...if only the local library wasn't ten miles away from my house :(.

This book is excellent! Don't mind sunshine rainbow! Unlike her name, she is not sunshine or rainbows. You shouldn't say bad things about things you don't, like. You wrote so much negative stuff! Gosh, if you don't like it, don't read it! It's people like you that are badly influencing this genaration.

Please read the WHOLE series before you wright comments like this and make other people mad/sad (Like me)

i have to dissagree if you read the rest, it gets better eac book you'll see im sory our libray is 10 miles away( vitual hug) :(

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