Washington Cat Gains Internet Fame With Her "Purrfect" Workout Routine


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A workout video has made Cinder-Block, an obese cat, an overnight sensation (Credit: Brita Kiffney/Northshore Veterinary Hospital)

Cinder-Block, an overweight cat, has become an internet sensation thanks to a workout video posted on social media by the Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington. The brief footage, published on October 19, 2019, shows the gray feline reluctantly exercising with one foot on an underwater treadmill while protesting loudly.

“Cinder is an obese cat who has become famous on the internet because she didn’t want to partake in the underwater treadmill exercise that we had planned for her,” said hospital veterinarian Brita Kiffney.

The eight-year-old cat, who weighs a whopping 22 pounds, was relinquished to the hospital in early October after its owner was unable to deal with her obesity-caused health and hygiene issues. In addition to putting her at risk for diseases such as diabetes and pancreatitis, Cinder's extra weight is also too much for her tiny legs to handle and is causing her joint pain. “Because she’s so heavy, she can’t walk more than a couple steps right now,” said Kiffney.

The hospital officials, who added the moniker "Block" to Cinder's name because of her weight, are now helping her lose the excess pounds with a strict diet and exercise regime. Kiffney says since cutting Cinder's diet too drastically could lead to liver failure, getting her to a healthy 12 pounds could take up to a year. Luckily, Cinder is not going to be alone on this long journey. Her original viral video, and subsequent ones of her exercising a little more enthusiastically, have garnered the cat millions of encouraging fans. Even better, Cinder has a new owner in the hospital's receptionist, who plans to adopt the adorable cat as soon as she has lost her excess weight.

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  • ilewis29wsrk1
    what a cute kitty!
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      b-cat23 days
      its soo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
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        b-cat23 days
        I a two cats!! there cousins
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          crazy_cat_childabout 1 month
          REAL LIFE GARFIELD!?!?!!!!
          • sakurablossom
            That cat is so chubby I just want to squeeze it! <3
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              freerangekid2 months
              That is so sweet
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                keiko3 months
                this is so funny
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                  bjujumike894 months
                  feel better cinder block
                  • readerezra
                    Mr. Ezra6 months
                    I feel bad for Cinder Block, and I hope she gets better soon.
                    • dark_wolf_alpha
                      Awww... Cinder is so cute, my cat is 11.2 pounds and his name is Scott.