Rare Medical Condition Leaves Woman Seeing The World Upside Down


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Ever wondered how the world would look if everything around appeared topsy turvy? Just ask Bojana Danilovic, a Serbian woman who has always see it that way!

Born with a rare brain condition that experts from Harvard University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology call spatial orientation phenomenon, the 28-year old sees everything just like a normal person would. However, for reasons nobody has been able to determine, her brain turns it all, upside down!

While there are a few people in the world with a similar affliction, their issues are limited to how they write or read. In Bojana's case it is so bad that as a baby she even crawled and walked in reverse and while she now walks normally, it took a lot of practice to get it right. Unfortunately, no amount of practice could get her writing or reading in a normal fashion.

So how does this amazing woman get through her day? By turning everything from newspapers to the computer and keyboard at work to even, holding her mobile phone upside down. As for television? Her family has two - One mounted atop the other! Hers of course is upside down.

Resources: news.com.au, dailymail.co.uk

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  • unipug2
    unipug26 months
    Poor lady.
    • kittylover111
      Omg, how terrible!
      • bday_summergirl
        So sad! I wonder what it would be like if the world were upsidown.
        • cupcakekitty8
          Omg. I feel so bad for her😭 Since she see’s everything upside that means she is special not different. Special isn’t even the right word to describe her. Unique maybe.
          • dream_beyond
            dream_beyond6 months
            That is sad but just think of all she has accomplished! For us it's easy but for her not so easy. I mean every day she sees things upside down, I would get pretty frustrated!
            • dinobasketball7
              so sad
              • unicorn87
                unicorn878 months
                that is so sad but it sounds interesting.
                • kkdelaya
                  kkdelaya8 months
                  I feel soo bad for her.😢 But at least she finds a way to make it work out.🙂
                  • chocolk
                    chocolk9 months
                    its a little sad but at least she has a way to try and make everything look correct...
                    • sophie16
                      sophie1611 months
                      That's sad.... But the pro is that seeing the world upside down is something most people don't get to do for more than a few minutes before they get dizzy.