Video Of The Week - Titus, The Basketball Whiz Kid Is Back!


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Earlier this year, two-year old Titus stunned the world with his basketball skills. The young Kansas tot is back and this time with two friends - Hollywood Megastars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper, in tow.

Entitled the 'greatest compilation of trick shots put together by miniature man', the video shows the young boy making buckets from seven-stories and shots with both hands! Simply amazing!


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  • gamecircle9
    gamecircle96 months
    The guy is in a good time at a bar and is have good luck going on here! This is a news book mark
    • bsc
      bscover 1 year
      This kid is so cool!
      • jdwinz
        jdwinzover 1 year
        im good but for some reason he is way better than me awesome kid he is so cool congrats
        • tnieves21
          tnieves21almost 2 years
          Aw, that's so cute!
          • bookfan2008
            bookfan2008almost 2 years
            OMG! #TALENT
            • leiker1414
              leiker1414almost 2 years
              Watch out Kobe Bryant. Titus is coming in hot.
              • leiker1414
                leiker1414almost 2 years
                He doesn't even NEED anyone holding him.
                • bookfan2008
                  bookfan2008almost 2 years
                  Awww, SO CUTE! Talented, huh? That's simply awesome!
                  • leiker1414
                    leiker1414almost 2 years
                    Wow. I'm speechless.
                    • cheifs120
                      cheifs120about 2 years
                      Yay I agree