Should Restaurants Penalize Customers For Leftover Food?


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According to the World Health Organization, over a billion people in the world are starving and the number that is underfed, is even greater. Despite these dire statistics, many of us have no qualms ordering much more than we can devour at restaurants and then, letting it all go to waste - Now, a restaurant in Saudi Arabia is trying to put a stop to the unnecessary wastage - By levying a fine!

Fahd Al Anzi, the owner of Marmar restaurant in the eastern port of Damma decided to implement this rather un-friendly rule after reading about the plight of the people of Somalia. He said that while millions of people were dying of starvation there, customers who came to his restaurant often ordered way more than they could possibly consume, largely to impress their friends and then, tossed it all away.

The fine he imposes depends on the amount of leftover food and the odd thing is, that instead of rebelling against the restaurant, his customers are lauding him for his initiative and, ordering less. In fact, they are calling him the 'Robin Hood' of Saudi Arabia because all the extra money he collects is sent to Somalia.

This is not the first restaurant to impose a fine for over ordering. A Hong Kongrestaurant charges customers per ounce of leftovers, while Sydney-based Japanese restaurant WAFU, charges customers an extra 30% for leftover food (unless, they bring their own take home container) and, requests them to never come to the restaurant again! We believe more eateries should start implementing these surcharges - What do you think? Be sure to add your comments below.


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  • mrs. idk almost 4 years
    im doing a project on leftover food and the wasting of it
    • Luis ttvalmost 4 years
      Food is the best thanks to god lol
      • Luis TVs str btalmost 4 years
        That was nice person
        • Luis ttvalmost 4 years
          This was cool
          • Boilalmost 4 years
            I have nothing
            • TTV.antdebossalmost 4 years
              Cool idea
              • TTV.antdebossalmost 4 years
                Great idea
                • applemango
                  applemangoabout 4 years
                  I think that is a bad but good idea. Because while it helps people it also is a little bit rude to us!
                  • Axelalmost 5 years
                    i think that its a bad idea
                    • Oliveralmost 5 years
                      Awsome idea