Golden Retriever Lives Up To Her Name!


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Dogs have always been called 'man's best friend'. However, 11-year old Austin Forman's dog Angel, is not only his best friend, but also, his 'Guardian Angel' - one that just saved his life!

The incident occurred at around 5.30 pm on Saturday, January 5th, when Austin was collecting firewood in his backyard in Boston Bar, British Columbia. While Angel, his 18-month Golden Retriever always came with him, she usually wandered off on her own and had to be called, when it was time to go back to the house.

However on Saturday, she would not leave Austin's side, which was a little odd. Austin thought Angel was just feeling a little close to him - That was until the cougar attacked!

Obviously the amazing dog had sensed the danger and had not wanted to leave her owner!

Throwing all caution to the wind, Angel attacked the cougar, leaving Austin free to run and tell his mother about the incident. While Angel continued to bravely fight off the wild animal, which by now, had his claws into her neck, Austin's mother quickly called the police, who happened to be close by.

Arriving immediately, the police officer shot the wild cat, which by now had his claws clenched on Angel's face.

With his heart pounding, Austin's cousin lifted the dead animal from under the cougar and saw Angel lying on the ground, her neck covered in blood.

For a moment, Austin thought he had been too late - then suddenly, Angel took a deep breath and got up!

It turned out that though she had suffered some deep cuts, they were completely treatable!.

To show his gratitude to his 'Guardian Angel', Austin brought her a giant steak as soon as she came home from the hospital - a well deserved treat for the brave and loyal dog!,,

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  • soccergal13
    soccergal138 months
    that dog was too nice. dogs matter more than humans. we don't deserve dogs, they are too good for us. seriously, are we seeing the things that dogs do for us? we need to treat them just as good as they treat us. they deserve the entire world.
    • coolcat12345
      coolcat1234510 months
      That dog is a hero.
      • cboi
        cboi11 months
        so amazing
        • pinkrabbit73374
          pinkrabbit73374about 1 year
          OMG!! I have 2 dogs( one is a toy Australian Sheperd that is 3 years old and her name is "Laney ", and the other dog is a mini Australian Sheperd that is 3 months old and his name is " Toby". Toby is a puppy.
          • pinkrabbit73374
            pinkrabbit73374about 1 year
            Our 2 dogs wrestle and it is like Toby eats Laney.
          • sokeefe_forever
            sokeefe_foreverabout 1 year
            My dog Ginger (she's a Yellow Lab, hence the name Ginger) would never do that! I'm so happy that Austin (that's weird for me to say since I have a brother-in-law named Austin) wasn't hurt and glad that Angel is healing/has healed.
            • aarowa
              aarowaover 1 year
              I feel bad for the poor pooch im happy the dog is still alive
              • butterflypuppy
                butterflypuppyover 1 year
                Guardian Angel. Maybe they called it that for a reason
                • lovetoread26
                  lovetoread26over 1 year
                  Good doggo!
                  • the-odd1sout
                    the-odd1soutover 1 year
                    • howls
                      howlsover 1 year
                      Perfect name 🐕🐶🐕🐶 one of my dogs saved me from a snack 🐍