From #1 New York Times best-selling author Robert Beatty comes a thrilling new series set in the magical world of Serafina.

Move without a sound. Steal without a trace.

Willa, a young night-spirit of the Great Smoky Mountains, is her clan's best thief. She creeps into the homes of day-folk under cover of darkness and takes what they won't miss. It's dangerous work-the day-folk kill whatever they do not understand--but Willa will do anything to win the approval of the padaran, the charismatic leader of the Faeran people.

When Willa's curiosity leaves her hurt and stranded in the day world, she calls upon an ancient, unbreakable bond to escape. Only then does she discover the truth: not all day-folk are the same, and the foundations that have guarded the Faeran for eons are under attack.

As forces of unfathomable destruction encroach on her home, Willa must decide who she truly is. To save the day-folk family that has become her own--and lift the curse that has robbed her people of their truth--Willa will meet deadly force with trusted alliance, violence with shelter, and an ever-changing world with a steady heartbeat of courage.
Hardcover, 384 pages
Published on July 10, 2018 by Disney-Hyperion
ISBN-10: 1368005845
ISBN-13: 9781368005845
4 Book Reviews
  • Rosie quartz 8 months
    OMG so ggod
    • pippin_5
      pippin_59 months55 starsFeatured
      This is an amazingly written book by Robert Beatty! Although I did not like the Serafina series by him this book was truly..... there’s just no words about how beautiful this book is! The strong themes/messages about standing up for what you think is right, perseverance, hope, change, friendship and much more is truly what makes this book the best of the best. The strong tiny details everywhere in the book really make the story and scenes come alive! And I love that it’s placed in 1900 and in the Great Smoky Mountains! The cover art is colorful and gorgeous and it just has such a strong storyline and message! This book should probably be for readers ages 10-11+/5th grade and up, because it does have some violence, and some blood. Read it now! Please like and follow! Bye!
      • raindrop07
        raindrop07over 1 year55 stars
        Willa of the Wood by Robert Beatty is a mystical, woodsy, wonderous book about a girl and her adventures as her clan's best thief in the dangerous forest. I really loved reading this book and it really inspired and filled me with fascination, mystery and intruige. I would reccomend this book to all lovers of amazingly written stories of hope, courage, perseverance, choice, change and unbreakable bonds. “Standing there in the forest on her own, she didn’t feel strong. And she didn’t feel happy. But she finally felt as if she could go on.” - Robert Beatty, Willa of the Wood
        • mintyfruit008
          mintyfruit008over 1 year55 stars
          Now, I haven't gotten to read this book yet, but I plan to. I have a close family member who read the book and really loved it. She said she enjoyed reading this book along with the Serafina series.