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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8W4.539253

This Newbery Medal winner that has a fantastic puzzle at its heart has been called “smart and mesmerizing,” (The New York Times), “superb” (The Wall Street Journal), and “incandescent” (The Washington Post).

When Miranda starts receiving mysterious notes, she doesn’t know what to do.

The notes tell her that she must write a letter, a true story, and that she can’t share her mission with anyone—not even her best friend, Sal.

It would be easy to ignore the strange messages, except that whoever is leaving them has an uncanny ability to predict the future. If that’s the case, then Miranda has an even bigger problem—because the notes tell her that someone is going to die, and she might be too late to stop it.

“Lovely and almost impossibly clever.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

Winner of the Boston Globe–Horn Book Award for Fiction
A New York Times Bestseller and Notable Book

Hardcover, 208 pages
Published on July 14, 2009 by Wendy Lamb Books
ISBN-10: 0385737424
ISBN-13: 9780385737425
168 Book Reviews
  • paxthefox88
    paxthefox889 months55 stars
    This book has a lot of twists and turns. I recommend for a very invested reader.
    • iamhappy1237777
      iamhappy1237777about 1 year44 stars
      I really like this book. It is sometimes boring, but I really like the idea the idea that Marcus is from the future.
      • the_grim_reader
        the_grim_readerover 1 year55 stars
        I really love this book and it's defiantly a must-read.
        • wolfy_blue
          wolfy_blueover 1 year
          Looks like a good book.
          • eviejobs764
            eviejobs764almost 2 years11 star
            This book is boring. I chose this book for summer reading and I was very disappointed. I thought this would be a book about a kid that discovers mysterious notes and finds out she has to save someones life. It is really just a kid that writes a story about her school life to save someones life. Very disappointed.
            • the-odd1sout
              the-odd1soutover 2 years55 stars
              Best book ever!!! I really liked this book told a really good story. I recommend it so much. You seriously have to read it!
              • iamgood
                iamgoodover 2 years55 stars
                I read this book and I absolutely loved it!
                • diamond897
                  diamond897over 2 years55 stars
                  This book was very good. It was about a girl who found notes in her pockets. She had no idea where they came from. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested.
                  • spykitten
                    spykittenover 2 years55 stars
                    In my opinion, this was a very clever book. Right when you think something will happen, the other thing happens. It messes with you head. I recommend this book.
                    • applemango
                      applemangoover 2 years55 stars
                      Miranda and Sal have been friends, almost always, it seems. Miranda feels like she is a part of Sal and Sal a part of her. One day when they are walking to school they see a strange boy, that Miranda later knows is Marcus, and he suddenly, with a swift motion punches Sal. He doubles over, bruised and bleeding. From that they they drifted apart. Sal always playing basketball in the driveway and Miranda finding new friends, Annemarie and Colin. However, the most important character in this book is the laughing man. Someone is leaving Miranda mysterious notes predicting the future. He says ‘I am coming to save your friend’s life and my own.’ When Sal is going to get hit by a truck, the man(Marcus) saves him but kills himself. How the laughing man is Marcus? It doesn’t sense, yet what Marcus says brings a different perspective out. “Einstein says common sense is just habit of thought. It’s how we’re used to thinking things, but a lot of the time it just gets in the way.” So, does that mean time travel is possible? The old version and the young version of the same person can exist in the same time period? That gets me to wonder, is the future “me” living in the same time period as me?