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Grades 4 - 6Grades 4 - 10R6.026433

The bad news is that Cara Landry is the new kid at Denton Elementary School. The worse news is that her teacher, Mr. Larson, would rather read the paper and drink coffee than teach his students anything. So Cara decides to give Mr. Larson something else to read—her own newspaper, The Landry News.

Before she knows it, the whole fifth-grade class is in on the project. But then the principal finds a copy of The Landry News, with unexpected results. Tomorrow’s headline: Will Cara’s newspaper cost Mr. Larson his job?

Published on January 1, 2006 by Listening Library
ISBN-10: 0307260631
ISBN-13: 9780307260635
11 Book Reviews
  • inmemoryofcpr
    inmemoryofcprover 2 years44 stars
    When Cara Landry discovers that Mr. Larson, her worst teacher that does not want to teach them anymore, once won multiple best teacher of the year rewards before, she starts a newspaper that badmouths him. But after nearly costing him her job, Cara learns an important lesson. So I have a little backstory. I read this book a really long time ago but then I decided to reread it, which refreshed my memories of what happened.... After I finished this, I thought like, maybe I can start my own newspaper agency. I presented the idea to my friends, who were a little uneasy at first, then agreed to it. Since I was homeschooled, my only option to release it was at church. There we left it in the rooms, because we wanted to keep our identity a secret. Many people liked it, so we, or rather I, worked on it. I had teamed up with a no k-pop group because that time I was against it and our next issue was about how Kpop was bad... stuff like that, and many people were unhappy with that issue so they told us to stop and never write any issues again. I had already planned another issue but that one was never released. So the newspaper fad, caused by this book, ended, and so started many other fads. Now I am neutral about Kpop and we don't have a fad right now but that memory was really exciting and fun to refresh by reading this book again.
    • egraham
      egrahamover 5 years55 stars
      Loved it. I would recommend it especially for those who work on their school newspaper.
      • memoiloveit
        memoiloveitover 5 years
        this is a very suspenseful book. i would recommend it for fifth or sixth graders
        • DOGO booksover 6 years
          i really like this book. it would appeal to 3-6 grades. it really is a amazing book!!1
          • rader5
            rader5almost 7 years55 stars
            I love this book because a newspaper for kids would be a lot of fun!This girl Cara finds a way to talk about her true ideas in a nice way.This is another one of Andrew Clements best books. Another reason why I read this book is because I am making a newspaper. I thought that I could get a few ideas from her.
            • nishky
              nishkyalmost 7 years
              The Laundry News by Andrew Clements is about a girl who has a teacher who wont teach, and she always writes in a newspaper of her own called the Laundry News. She finds out that her teacher has won many awards of things and encourages him to continue doing that, though he has not been really teaching for about 2-3 years..... read the book to uncover the rest!
              • tim0706
                tim0706over 7 years55 stars
                I love this book. It is so fuN. i READ it and it but a smile on my face. I love this awesome book. I t is so fun.
                • maddyp18
                  maddyp18over 7 years55 stars
                  I loved this book so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!! This is a great realistic fiction story! It is about a girl who likes making newspapers, but then something happens that changes everything! I think the message for this story is '' Never give up''. I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!
                  • ravermccare23
                    ravermccare23over 7 years
                    Love this book. I read it with my class. Some points were a little boring but overall, it was really good. My favorite part was when the two kids were in a group and were now, friends.
                    • susie
                      susieover 8 years55 stars
                      i love this book. i got it out of my school library. it's about a girl named cara landry that has divorced parents. she gets really mad and creates a newspaper that is a "bad-hearted" newspaper. she later realizes she is wrong and creates a "good-hearted" newspaper. read the book and see what happens next!