Weird But True Halloween: 300 Spooky Facts to Scare You Silly

The wildly popular Weird But True! line is all dressed up for Halloween with 300 all-new spooky facts about candy, costumes, pumpkin carving, and more!

Calling all boys and ghouls: You're in for a treat of freaky facts, stats, tidbits, and trivia about one of the most popular holidays! Did you know that there is an underwater pumpkin carving contest? Or that the U.S. Defense Department has a zombie apocalypse plan? Maybe you'd be amazed to discover that there are more Halloween emojis than there are U.S. states? It's all weird--and it's all true--in this latest and greatest edition, packed with hilarious and terrifying tidbits on Halloween!

Paperback, 208 pages
Published on September 8, 2020 by National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-10: 1426338287
ISBN-13: 9781426338281
95 Book Reviews
  • basketballanime
    basketballanime3 months55 stars
    Funny hahah
    • bsc
      bsc6 months55 stars
      This weird but true book was spooktacular! I loved all of the fun and unique facts about Halloween.
      • amberisthebest
        amberisthebest6 months44 stars
        It helps me learn really cool and new things. I think you should really read these books, and share what you learn.
        • tay2
          tay27 months55 stars
          I love hallowen so i like learning more about spooky stuff
          • ava17
            ava177 months55 stars
            Pretty good
            • dooda123
              dooda1237 months55 stars
              i really like it but it is kinda short
              • faria
                faria7 months55 stars
                I love this book and It is so amazing 😍 I like it 🤠🤠
                • 732miw17
                  732miw177 months55 stars
                  Happy almost Halloween and i love love love this book SO much.
                  • eagle_fan11
                    eagle_fan117 months55 stars
                    I loved this book so much!!!
                    • dinobasketball7
                      dinobasketball77 months44 stars
                      Excllent book