Willow Falls Series

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Willow Falls Series (4 books)

11 Birthdays

11 Birthdays

By Wendy Mass
144 ratings133 reviews
  • callie_b
    callie_b55 stars
    What would you do if had your birthday was 2 times in a row? Have another amazing day, right? But what would you do if your birthday repeated itself... every day?? Amanda and Leo are best friends. At least, they used to be. Ever since meeting in the hospital where they were born, they have celebr...


By Wendy Mass
112 ratings98 reviews
  • happymoon
    happymoon55 stars
    Finally is the second book in the Willow Falls series, and I sure love it! It is humorous and makes you feel as if you want to turn twelve! Happy Birthday Rory! However, Rory's life of being twelve isn't going the way she planned it to be. Firstly, she gets LOTS of medical problems. Poor Rory, s...
13 Gifts

13 Gifts

By Wendy Mass
80 ratings60 reviews
  • swenswen1
    This book is amazing its 13 gifts by Wendy Mass it’s about this girl tara she gets suspended two weeks before summer for stealing a stuffed goat she thought was real so she has to go to her aunt bethany and and her uncle roger and cousin emily in willow falls the town her parents grew up in and s...
The Last Present (Willow Falls)

The Last Present (Willow Falls)

By Wendy Mass
24 ratings25 reviews
  • happymoon
    I absolutely love the Willow Falls series. I have read every book so far, including this one. The ending is sad, but completely surprising. Grace isn't in a coma, and the doctor can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Amanda and Leo must travel back to every one of Grace's birthdays and fix a prob...

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