The Darkdeep

The Darkdeep

By Ally Condie, Brendan Reichs

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Book 1 of 3 in the  The DarkDeep Book Series

When a bullying incident sends twelve year-old Nico Holland over the edge of a cliff into the icy waters of Still Cove, where no one ever goes, friends Tyler and Ella--and even “cool kid” Opal--rush to his rescue . . . only to discover an island hidden in the swirling mists below.

Shrouded by dense trees and murky tides, the island appears uninhabited, although the kids can't quite shake the feeling that something about it is off. Their suspicions grow when they stumble upon an abandoned houseboat with an array of curiosities inside: odd-looking weapons, unnerving portraits, maps to places they've never heard of, and a glass jar containing something completely unidentifiable.

As the group delves deeper into the unknown, their discoveries--and their lives--begin to intertwine in weird and creepy ways. Something ancient has awakened . . . and it knows their wishes and dreams--and their darkest, most terrible secrets. Do they have what it takes to face the shadowy things that lurk within their own hearts?

Told from Nico's and Opal's alternating points of view, this tale from bestselling duo Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs kicks off a suspenseful and spooky new series, perfect for fans of Stranger Things.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781547602483
ISBN-10: 1547602481
Published on 10/1/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 288

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This is a great book

Wow, sounds like a great read.

The Darkdeep is an amazing book that has a well planned theme with interesting characters of all sorts to bring words from a paper to life. It starts when Nico falls into Still Cove after a bully sens his drone down Still Cove, and his friends rush in it to save him from the dangerous island which has many myths about beasts. When they find Nico, their lives overflow with curiosity when they discover something like a...island? In the middle of Still Cove? WHAT? Becoming curious and letting their curiosity take over, they discover a houseboat in the middle of nowhere. They scurry into the houseboat, and that's when their lives turn upside down when they see a swirling pool that is dark...and deep. When Emma falls into it, a figment from her imagination becomes..real. Treating it as a game, Emma and the others dive in the pool to make figments from their imagination come. But as the figments start getting real, they need to know the secret of the Darkdeep. After this, twists and turns make the book ever so interesting. Then, their life's biggest twist comes when the secret of the Darkdeep is something they know, and they will need to have the courage to fight their own nightmares to defeat the Darkdeep. But will they be able to? Or will the Darkdeep win, and the collapse of the whole world is going to be their fault?

I received this book on behalf of DOGO Books and was far from disappointed. Penned by the bestselling duo, Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs, The Darkdeep is a thrilling book that kept me up at night just thinking about it. Everyone in the tiny town of Timbers knows that Still Cove is off-limits. Rumors about The Beast, as well as the cove's perpetual fog, is enough to keep everyone far away. But when Nico falls into the cove, it's up to his friends Tyler and Emma - and even his old-friend-who-turned-to-the-dark-side, Opal - to save him. When they reach the bottom of the cove, however, dangerous secrets await. At first, the houseboat and mysterious objects are enthralling, especially the Darkdeep. An ever-swirling, dark mass of water, it turns out to be a portal that can draw thoughts out of your mind and make them real. Emma and the others have the time of their lives letting their imaginations come to life, literally - before dangerous things start happening. Disappearing people, murderous, it's up to this motley crew to save the town of Timbers from the Darkdeep's dangers before it's too late. I don't usually enjoy horror, but The Darkdeep is so compellingly readable that I couldn't help falling in love with it. Well-paced, invigorating, and deeply terrifying, this is one book I will never forget.

Nico has always been warned not to go into Still Cove. He and his friends Emma and Tyler have grown up hearing the stories and warnings of the Beast lurking in the uninviting waters. No one he knows has ever been down there, and no one wants to. But when the bully Logan pilots Nico's expensive new drone off a cliff into Still Cove's waters "accidentally," Nico ventures down into the unknown below, with Emma, Tyler, and possible new friend Opal following close behind. They discover a houseboat in the middle of Still Cove, which is docked on an island that they had no idea was there! The houseboat contains loads of cool things, but Emma finds a moving wall panel leading down to an forever-swirling pit of impossible shiny water, which they name the Darkdeep. When someone jumps in, the Darkdeep creates figments from your imagination, and its boundaries are limitless. The 4 friends soon realize something this big must be kept a secret. Curiosity leads them down the path of figuring out where the Darkdeep and the houseboat came from, and who came before? But soon the figments become out of control and dangerous, and they may even be closer to figuring out if the legend of the Beast is real... Can they save their town and keep the Darkdeep a secret? You definitely need to read this exciting and suspenseful series opener by Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time with each chilling chapter and I loved every minute! I would totally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure and mystery! I would rate this book 5/5 stars and recommend it for ages 9+!

The Darkdeep is a very entertaining plot about a mysterious island in a small town. It's about a trio of friends (Nico, Emma, and Tyler) who, partnered with the popular girl (Opal), jointly venture to the strange island where there are tons of rumors and legends about it. They find that the island contains a large boathouse, complete with strange artifacts and a mystical pool. Emma falls in the pool, finds herself waking up at the shore of the island, and discovers her imaginary friend from when she was young came to life for a few seconds on the island. This insane event makes them discover that they can temporarily bring whatever thing (Minions, Godzilla, stormtroopers, etc.) is on their mind to life on the island. While it's fun at first, the figments of their imagination start to last longer and become more aggressive. The group struggles to keep the island a secret while things get worse. This book is surprisingly interesting and engaging, and its plot is well thought-out and its characters are mature yet realistic.

Everyone knows you can't go into Still Cave. And yet, Nico still goes in after a bully sends his Drone in. His friends Taylor, Emma, and Opal follow him in, and they discover a mysterious black pool in which they name Darkdeep. The pool can read your mind... and will create creatures from your mind, called figments. But soon the figments and the Darkdeep are getting out of control... can the friends save Timbers? This is a great book and I highly recommend it! Its a great book of mystery, fright, and friendship!

EVERYONE knows that Still Cove is off limits, due to rumors about a strange creature called the Beast. When Logan drives Nico's drone into Still Cove, Nico goes to try and get it back. He then falls into Still Cove and his friends follow to try and help him. While down there they find a strange island with a houseboat. The houseboat is a mess and abandoned, and they find a secret room that leads to a swirling pool that reads minds, and makes things called Figments. Figments are creatures made from stuff inside Nico and his friend's minds. They call this swirling pool the Darkdeep, and decide to keep it a secret. However when the Figments escape into the real world and start causing havoc, they need to learn to work together to defeat them. And save their town. A great book that leaves you wanting more and more. Definitely recommend.

Any and every resident of Timbers knows that no-one goes into Still Cove. Ever. But after a bully sends Nico's drone into Still Cove and he falls in after it, his friends Emma and Tyler, as well as Opal rush in to save him. In Still Cove they find a mysterious abandoned houseboat with a strange swirling black pool in the basement. They discover that when you are in it it can read your mind and will produce creatures from your mind, called figments. After nicknaming the pool the Darkdeep and exploring it, things start to get out of hand, with figments creating themselves and invading Timbers. Are they able to get the figments and the Darkdeep under control? Or will it all escape and rampage Timbers? To find out, you'll have to read the book! I rate it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries, friendship, suspense, and being a little scared!

One day nico , Tyler, and Emma are in still cove. Nico worked very hard to make a quad copter. (Drone) that he spent his life saving on and he was trying to out when Logan and his other bully friends (and a girl named opal) decided to show up. Logan flies the quad copter out into the fog where it couldn't be seen. After Logan knew he couldn't get it back he drove away with his friends. But halfway back opal decided she needed to go back and help ,what Logan did was wrong. But by the time she got back nico fell off the cliff trying to find the quad copter. When Emma , Tyler, and opal finally find him . They all start to go look for the quad copter. But while They are they find an abandoned house boat. They start exploring and find a basement in the house boat . When they go down there is a little circle of a weird black water pond. They don't touch it at first then Emma gets curious . She put her foot in but then it sucked her in. Now they went outside and found her. Then her imaginary purple bear friend . It came alive but after seconds went away. The more they go in the darkdeep (black water pond) the more the creatures that come out get stronger. And start attacking. Can they fight them off? Read the book to find out. I thought this was a wonderful book! I recommend this to all ages! I rate this book 5/5 stars!it was great! Also this is my 3rd AR book !thank you for reading ! - Pizzagirl7

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