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    This was a good book, however the only thing I don't like about it is that it ends as a cliff hanger. Jinny's best friend changed as he left the island Deen. He grew colder, and much less friendlier. Jinny however has a different plan in mind she is going to stay on the island. However, is staying the best option? Is it for Jinny or really her younger partner Ess? Does Evie too, have a scratch in her heart? However when Jinny doesn't leave bad things start to happen, things like the children walking into a beehive....there is the verse and the rules or else the sky will fall. In the end though, will Jinny leave on the green boat?
    2 days ago
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    When Opal and the others find a figment, it becomes quite confusing because the Darkdeep is not active. On the other hand, they found a weird sulfur smell down by the Darkdeep, and there is red algae bloom that isn’t normally there. Opal has been feeling a pulling sensation to certain things, along with a voice in her head that she thinks is coming from Thing. Emma gets a job as a grip on Freakshow (a show that investigates animals like Bigfoot). And the Freakshow crew is coming to Razor Point to find the Beast. Opal finds a symbol that looks almost like the Torchbearer symbol. But they don’t know what it means. On one night there is hail that is… glowing??? Can they keep the figments hidden from normal people? At this point, things can't get any worse… right? I did not read the first book in the series but had no problem following the story line in this one. I am going to go look for the first book and then wait for the third book when it comes out. I thought that this story was going to be scary but I was wrong, it's a thrilling adventure.
    2 days ago
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    Hey guys, i just came here to say i've seen a lot of "Please follow me" lately, and i just wanted to say that DOGO ISN'T a social media site!! its a site that we share books and laughs on. I'm not saying that you can't follow anyone or anyone can't follow you.
    4 days ago
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    Everyone and everything has their secret. In the small town of Timbers, dark magic lurks in the shadows. Magic so dark it turns imagination into reality. Magic called the Darkdeep, a black pool consisting of a mysterious substance that takes one's imagination to turn it into a monster, called figments. The only people who can stop them for destroying Timbers are the Torchbearers, who swore to watch over the Darkdeep and prevent the figments from causing mass destruction. For a while, all seems normal. All until adapted figments start to appear, with no indication of who/what created them. On top of that, terror of the Beast attack still rattles the town and brings in tourists with the wrong mindset. Will these young Torchbearers be able to handle the responsibilities bestowed upon them, and stop the person creating these deadly adapted figments? Or will the figments be able to get rid of the Torchbearers, and take over the town? To find out, read The Beast, a sequel to The Darkdeep. I really enjoyed the sense of mystery throughout the book, and would recommend it to anyone looking to be on the edge of the seats. I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.
    7 days ago
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    Aw ok! have fun!!
    8 days ago
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    Changed my avatar, i am now junior mints LOL, Noooo why does there have to be only 11 more days to summer reading
    8 days ago
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    I do cross stitch! well i don't use the fabric or whatever they recommend but my dad says i have the basic idea down
    8 days ago
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    I am back from Korea!! Sorry I wasn't on...Congrats to everyone on the summer reading list! I see everyone made some progress! However @sylvie55555 you have (friendly)competition!
    8 days ago
  • applemango
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    Have a good time~!
    8 days ago

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