The Beast (The Darkdeep)

The Beast (The Darkdeep)

By Ally Condie, Brendan Reichs

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Book 2 of 3 in the  The DarkDeep Book Series

"Thrilling, intense, with pulse-pounding chills . . . Everything you could want in a series." --Soman Chainani, New York Times bestselling author of The School for Good and Evil

New York Times bestselling authors Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs co-author another edge-of-your-seat adventure in this darkly suspenseful middle grade series.

Nico, Opal, Tyler, Emma, and Logan survived their worst fears come to life, and saved their tiny Pacific Northwest town of Timbers from a monstrous figment invasion. Now they just want to keep their heads down, enjoy Halloween, and explore the secrets of their mysterious houseboat clubhouse. And also figure out their new Torchbearer responsibilities as keepers of the Darkdeep, an ancient whirlpool hidden in Still Cove that can make both dreams and nightmares into reality.

But when a dangerous new breed of figments starts appearing on their own, and the very environment around them begins to spiral out of control, the friends realize they have no idea what they are doing-or how they're supposed to restrain the Darkdeep. They must uncover the pool's origins, as well as those of the freaky Thing in a Jar, a seemingly lifeless green creature Opal believes is communicating with her. To make matters worse, a trashy YouTube series has rolled into town intent on finding the Beast, the legendary local sea monster suddenly stirring up the countryside.

As threats rapidly close in around them, the friends must fight to protect their secrets, defeat new enemies, and save Timbers and all that they love.

Told from alternating points of view, this chilling sequel from bestselling duo Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs will once again have readers sleeping with the lights on.

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781529008340
ISBN-10: 1529008344
Published on 10/31/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 320

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The figment has appeared. Nico, Emma, Logan,Opal,Tyler have to protect the Dark deep, they have to guard it. Whatever the cost. They must keep it in secret, because if they don’t things could go very wrong. But when word leaks out that a Beast is lurking in the midst a youtube series comes to town. This just makes everything harder for the keepers but they get tricked by the figment pretending to be their friend while working on a different plot behind their back. The thing has to go back into where it came from. By turning it back they finally make the rift close. However, another problem is still there.

i think its would be a good book to read.

The Beast is an amazing book. From inside jokes from Pokémon to the lovable characters, there is nothing that could make The Beast any better. I mean who wouldn't want to read a book about five kids trying to save their town from total destruction? I mean doesn't it kinda sound like Stephan King's It? I mean just like it the kids are working together to save their world from total annihilation . So go on ahead and read it. You won't be disappointed.

After finally getting the Darkdeep under control (or so they thought), Opal, Emma, Logan, Tyler, and Nico realize that there's more to Still Island and the houseboat than meets the eye... Opal starts hearing a weird voice in her mind, directing her and telling her what to do next, and Opal just KNOWS that it's the green alien-like blob Thing in a Jar. As the 5 friends discover more and more about their jobs as Torchbearers, things just get crazier. It's the season of Halloween in Timbers, and with the chilly weather and pumpkin spice lattes, tourists are drawn in by the town legend of the Beast. And not just tourists. A low-quality YouTube series is in town, hoping to capture footage of the Beast and film interviews with kids in town to gain fame and fortune. When the Torchbearers find out that the legendary Beast is REAL, they have to do everything they possibly can to stop the camera crew -and the rest of the town- from finding him or the other figments that have been running rampant with no end in sight. Will the Torchbearers be able to wrangle all the figments into place? Where is Thing in a Jar from, anyway? And why is the tide turning red right outside Still Island and the newfound yet mysterious Rift? I really really really loved this book! One thing I would recommend is reading the first book in the series, "The Darkdeep," before reading this sequel. If not, it's easy enough to pick up, but I did find it helpful to read the first book! It was as fantastic as this book was! I loved how the alternating perspectives switched between Opal and Nico, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book! I would totally give this book 5/5 stars, and I recommend this series to anyone looking for a spooky Halloween-y mystery series to read this fall! Double thumbs up!

Anything can happen, right? That's what Opal, Nico, and their friends think, but the rest of their small town home of Timbers believes (for the most part at least). Opal and her friends are Torchbearers meaning that they protect The Darkdeep, a mysterious pool of water at the bottom of their clubhouse houseboat that makes whatever you think about while in the Darkdeep come alive. But suddenly, after a overnight rampage of figments (creatures from the Darkdeep) ruins the towns Radish festival and everyone thinks the Beast the mythical creature who supposedly lives in Still Point (a part of Timbers) did it. This attracts major amounts of tourists and the YouTube series, FreakShow a show that searches for mythical animals and tries to prove their existence. The bad part of this is that this threatens the the secrets of the Darkdeep since the Houseboat is hidden in Still Cove (where the beast is rumored to live). And at the same time "Thing" a strange green blob floating in a jar at the houseboat, starts telepathically communicating with Opal. At first it starts by saying "Come and see what I have for YOU" but then it starts to lead her to do things. Soon, random figments start coming out of nowhere and as the stakes are getting harder Opal, Nico, Tyler, Emma, and Logan are put to the test before time runs out and figments invade their world forever. Find out what happens next in The Beast, A Darkdeep Novel. This story was really well done and even though I didn't read the 1st book, I was really well caught up and LOVED the book! Rated 5 of 5 stars and recommended to anyone who loves adventure, suspense and a great book!

When Opal and the others find a figment, it becomes quite confusing because the Darkdeep is not active. On the other hand, they found a weird sulfur smell down by the Darkdeep, and there is red algae bloom that isn’t normally there. Opal has been feeling a pulling sensation to certain things, along with a voice in her head that she thinks is coming from Thing. Emma gets a job as a grip on Freakshow (a show that investigates animals like Bigfoot). And the Freakshow crew is coming to Razor Point to find the Beast. Opal finds a symbol that looks almost like the Torchbearer symbol. But they don’t know what it means. On one night there is hail that is… glowing??? Can they keep the figments hidden from normal people? At this point, things can't get any worse… right? I did not read the first book in the series but had no problem following the story line in this one. I am going to go look for the first book and then wait for the third book when it comes out. I thought that this story was going to be scary but I was wrong, it's a thrilling adventure.

Everyone and everything has their secret. In the small town of Timbers, dark magic lurks in the shadows. Magic so dark it turns imagination into reality. Magic called the Darkdeep, a black pool consisting of a mysterious substance that takes one's imagination to turn it into a monster, called figments. The only people who can stop them for destroying Timbers are the Torchbearers, who swore to watch over the Darkdeep and prevent the figments from causing mass destruction. For a while, all seems normal. All until adapted figments start to appear, with no indication of who/what created them. On top of that, terror of the Beast attack still rattles the town and brings in tourists with the wrong mindset. Will these young Torchbearers be able to handle the responsibilities bestowed upon them, and stop the person creating these deadly adapted figments? Or will the figments be able to get rid of the Torchbearers, and take over the town? To find out, read The Beast, a sequel to The Darkdeep. I really enjoyed the sense of mystery throughout the book, and would recommend it to anyone looking to be on the edge of the seats. I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.