Woof: A Bowser and Birdie Novel

Woof: A Bowser and Birdie Novel

By Spencer Quinn

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 2 - 5 n/a 4.3 59916
The New York Times Bestselling Mystery

There is trouble brewing in the Louisiana swamp -- Bowser can smell it. Bowser is a very handsome and only slightly slobbery dog, and he can smell lots of things. Like bacon. And rawhide chews! And the sweat on humans when they're lying.

Birdie Gaux, the girl Bowser lives with, also knows something is wrong. It's not just that her grammy's stuffed prize marlin has been stolen. It's the weird rumor that the marlin is linked to a missing treasure. It's the truck that seems to be following Birdie and the bad feeling on the back of her neck.

When Birdie and Bowser start digging into the mystery, not even Bowser's powerful sniffer can smell just how menacing the threat is. And when the danger comes straight for Birdie, Bowser knows it up to him to sic 'em.

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545643320
ISBN-10: 0545643325
Published on 4/26/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 293

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Good book. Cute that the dog is the narrator. I read this book on my kindle. It was a great mystery book. I definitely want read the other books. This is the first book to a series of i think 3 or 4 books about Bowser and Birdie.

This mystery story is a great car ride book. Birdie and bowser are great together. Bowser (the dog) loves birdie and helps her solve their mystery at Gaux Family Fish and Bait. Birdie is eleven and she and Bowser go on a fun, scary, mysterious, adventure. You must read this book and the rest of the series!

This book definitely deserves a five star rating. It is narrated by a dog who is named Bowser. His new owner, Birdie, likes to solve mysteries, and when Birdie's famous stuffed fish, Black Jack, goes missing, Birdie knows that it is more than a simple theft. Follow Bowser and Birdie as they travel the Ballou, Search for treasure, and put the clues together. Except, Bowser usually has no idea what's going on. But that doesn't matter, Bowser is happy as long as he has Birdie- and a nice rawhide.

Kaylei Kaylei

selaht1 i'm not done with the book don't spoil it :(

Kaylei Kaylei

i have this book and so far its really good

selaht1 selaht1

I loved thes book so much if i do say so my self.

DogLover DogLover

I’m in 7th grade and I can say that it’s book is one of the best books I’ve ever read!!!! I’m soooo tired of all of the boring books. This was really exciting and adventurous!!! I would definitely recommend this book!!!

Mr krabs Mr krabs


Jb75775 Jb75775

I have this it is one of my favorites!!!!

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