The Terrible Two

The Terrible Two

By Mac Barnett, Jory John

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Book 2 of 4 in the  The Terrible Two Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 2 - 5 n/a 4.5 28612
New York Times Bestseller

“A double helping of fun and mischief!”
—Jeff kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
—Dav Pilkey, author of the Captain Underpants series
Miles Murphy is not happy to be moving to Yawnee Valley, a sleepy town that’s famous for one thing and one thing only: cows. In his old school, everyone knew him as the town’s best prankster, but Miles quickly discovers that Yawnee Valley already has a prankster, and a great one. If Miles is going to take the title from this mystery kid, he is going to have to raise his game.
It’s prankster against prankster in an epic war of trickery, until the two finally decide to join forces and pull off the biggest prank ever seen: a prank so huge that it would make the members of the International Order of Disorder proud.
In The Terrible Two, bestselling authors and friends Mac Barnett and Jory John have created a series that has its roots in classic middle-grade literature yet feels fresh and new at the same time.
“The pranks, the brotherhood, the art, the heart! What’s not to love about the Terrible Two?”
—Sara Pennypacker, author of the Clementine series
“You don’t have to be a cow, like cows, or even know a cow to love the Terrible Two.”
—Dave Eggers
“This book is terrible! Terribly funny, terribly full of pranks, and terribly wonderful.”
—Jon Scieszka, author of The Stinky Cheese Man and the Frank Einstein series
“The Terrible Two are my kind of kids. And what’s more, they’re kids’ kind of kids.”
—Annie Barrows, author of the Ivy & Bean series

Publisher: Amulet Paperbacks
ISBN-13: 9781419727375
ISBN-10: 1419727370
Published on 10/3/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 240

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Have you ever moved to a new place? Do you understand the feeling of wanting to go home? Miles Murphy moves to the boring town of Yawnee Valley. He is homesick because he had a reputation of being a prankster. when he moves to Yawnee Valley, he thinks he will be the prankster at the new school too. But on his first day, he figures out that there is already a prankster at the school. What will happen when the two meet? Read the book to find out! This book made me laugh harder than any other book. I recommend it to any one who likes comedy.

I read this book for battle of the books at school and it was incredibly wacky and funny. And it has this theme with cows. I love it!

This book is about a it named miles he moved to yeanny velly and day he a school named yeanny velly letters adeym. I dont.know how to spell the name so he's never is to go to that school. so he.Kent the public and thye public called this guy name miles to give him a tour and the public asked what's your name and he.said.miles in end here so I will not spolle it so the story is a good story

Michelle10 Michelle10

Very good book, its super funny. (I only read it on the computer I wonder if theirs one in the book store)

Hilarious! Miles Murphy was known as the best prankster in school. But when his family moves, he finds that it he isn't the only jokester in this school!

Patrick Patrick

I really liked this book. It's about a kid that's named Miles and moves to a new town named Yawnee valley. I will not spoil the rest. :D

This book gave me a great big hug and I hugged it back. Miles is a prankster. He has just moved and has to prank at a new school. On the first day at school, the principal's car has been parked on a bridge. Miles says he didn't do it. Who did? Read to See!

This book is a great book for those people that love to prank people . It is about two boys who loved to prank.

Hello! Me and my friends are really good friends with Mac Barnett!! You should totally read the Terrible a Two. There are two books in the series so far.. and yes I’m a prankster my self!!

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