The Pepper Party Picks the Perfect Pet (The Pepper Party #1)

The Pepper Party Picks the Perfect Pet (The Pepper Party #1)

By Jay Cooper

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Meet the Peppers.
Funny runs in the family.

Annie Pepper has her heart set on adopting a Chihuahua in need. But none of the Peppers can agree on the perfect pet, and they're not above sabotage to get their way. Soon they end up with a heartbroken lovebird, the tarantula that ate San Pimiento, a prissy French kitty, and a house full of chaos! Who'll win the clash of the creatures?

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-13: 9781338297027
ISBN-10: 1338297023
Published on 5/28/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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A fun and hilarious book. Chaos in the household yep the numerous pets will do that.

This is another amazing book from the Pepper Party series that readers will love. In this book, pets are not allowed in their home, but one daughter convinces them to get a pet after she falls in love with an animal from the pet adoption center. One setback is that she does not get to pick the pet she wants, the rest of the family gets to. So with so many arguments, will everybody be happy with the pet one person chooses, or will the argument continue forever?

Story girl Story girl

Dad brought a bunny for girl and then mommy was VERY ANGRY, SUPER ANGRY. He chases a naughty brother, it hits a ballet on the cap, but lost of bad things. The girl and this bunny, sentido out a chiwawa in the party, then, mommy dies at last, daddy boys a cale and jones to eat eggs.

Story girl Story girl

Once upon a time... a girl who is in pepper party! He picks the pet and join the party! One day, mommy is very cross! He ruined pepper party! And the girl was sad! Then, dad came! He brought 5 eggs! The girl was surprised and he opend eggs and watch his let came! Girl said "hello there bunny! What a hoppy day!" And, dad is forgetable happy, because he talked to bunny! The end!

The first part of this review will be mine and the next will be my brother's because I was too old I let him read it too. The plot was very interesting and fun! I liked to read about their family and how they were so different from each other! I would have probably enjoyed this more if I was not as old though. I would recommend this for ages 6+ This book was so funny! I loved reading when the animals escaped or messed up the dinner!! I laughed a lot when i read this book. I would recommend this!

I entered to win this book just to try it out, but I was wrong. This book is amazing! It is hilarious, funny, made me laugh, and made me feel for the characters in the book. I am a mix of Beta, Meg, and Annie. A very nice book to read. I highly recommend this book.


That was a nice book to read

coralfromyt coralfromyt

awsome work

JuLiA9 JuLiA9

LOoKs GOoD, aLtHoUgh i haVEN't ReaD iT !$!$ :)

chicken chicken

this book is a book

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