The Misshapes: Annihilation Day

The Misshapes: Annihilation Day

By Alex Flynn

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Sarah Robertson's less-than-super powers relegated her to a group of misfit heroes known as ‘Misshapes’, who banded together to save their town of Doolittle Falls. Now, after an exciting summer fighting storms, Sarah returns home a different girl in the second book in this heroic series.

Doolittle Falls is in chaos, and with the election of a new President, things take a dark turn. Heroes are given extraordinary freedom with results that are less than super - and certain people have a vendetta against Sarah’s mom, aka Lady Oblivion, and the entire Robertson family. Johnny and Alice are too preoccupied with their band to help, Freedom Boy is off shooting a movie, and Butters is in a Karaoke battle of epic proportions, so Sarah takes the investigation into her own hands, and must uncover the true reason behind her mother’s turn from Hero to villain.

Soon Sarah discovers a devastating secret that could topple the nation, and if Sarah and the rest of the Misshapes don’t stop this looming threat, the world as they know it faces annihilation. The adventure continues in one of the coolest new adventures series for Young Readers, The Misshapes leap off the page like your favorite comics.
Publisher: Polis Books
ISBN-13: 9781943818068
ISBN-10: 1943818061
Published on 12/13/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 304

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A 15th year old girl, not just an ordinary girl but a girl that controls the weather with her emotions. I love this book.

kingkang_691 kingkang_691

Fifteen year old Sarah Robertson is no ordinary girl. She can control the weather with her emotions. But in Doolittle Falls, where superheroes walk the streets, Sarah's powers aren't enough to secure a spot in the prestigious Hero Academy, not to mention the fact of her mother has become the town's most notorious Super villain. Instead of acceptance to the school of her dreams, Sarah is marked as an outcast with powers a misshape. Sarah is stuck at public School, with a ragtag group of fellow Misshapes and the normal. Sarah's forced into a special class for misshapes, where she meets a kid who shoots paintball's out of his eyes, a girl who can talk to animals, and a boy that is followed by backup ghost singers. Sarah is determined to take charge of her powers and win a place at Hero Academy.