Smiles to Go

Smiles to Go

By Jerry Spinelli

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Grades 6 - 8 Grades 1 - 4 n/a 3.3 38888

What is stargazer, skateboarder, chess champ, pepperoni pizza eater, older brother, sister hater, best friend, first kisser, science geek, control freak Will Tuppence so afraid of in this great big universe?

Jerry Spinelli knows.

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780545200387
ISBN-10: 0545200385
Published on 8/25/2009
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 272

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Sad, but it's a happy ending!! I for sure rec one this book!! Happy Reading!👍

its a romance/ fun book its very fun because its about a kid who thinks he is all that then his sister gets hurt then he feels bad

Smiles to go is a book about the everyday life of a nineth-grade boy named Will Tuppence and problems he faces with his family, love life, school, and friends. His opinions and feelings about his life are events that happened to every reader. When I read this book, I feel like Will and I have the same opinion about many things, and this makes me feel like I am a character in this book. One thing I can relate to very much is that Will always thinks that his parents love his sister more, so he always complains about how unfair life is but nobody listens to him. This reminds of my grandparents and my little sister because I would complain to my parents, but they don’t listen to me either, so I know how he feels. Even though there are many things I can relate to in this book, I think there are two elements I don't like about this book. The first element is that there is not enough action in this book, so it’s a little boring. Most actions are about skateboard and very normal events that everyone does. The second element is that the author didn’t write enough detail to describe the characters‘ appearances, so the characters do not feel real because I can’t imagine what they look like. I don’t recommend to the peopel who want a lot of action and surprises in the book. I do recommend it to teens enjoy reading about things that could happen to them.

i want to read this. i love jerry spinelli. He's really a great author. I've read some of his books and they are great. I hope that when i read this book i will like it as much as i liked his other books.

This is my favorite book and has been since third grade (I'm in sixth grade right now). It's about a boy and he has a friend who skateboarded down a really steep hill. Then his little sister tries it and she fails and gets injured.

OMG I've seen this book before. My friend read this and she said it was fun. I want to read this too. I feel very interested in this book. I hope someday when I go to the library I'm going to get this book and read until I finish it.

I think it was not smart of his sister to do such a big stunt like that for a beginner. i think that she could do it with some more practice and about twenty years but right now... yeah not so much of a stunt devil. i love this book.

OMG i LOVE this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have red this book and im reading it again Jerry Spinelli has truly inspired me! I just want to say YOU ARE AWESOME JERRY!!!!! i also ADORE Love, Stargirl.